Wednesday, March 26, 2008

A Plus Size Movement

Dear Readers:

I recently blogged about the wonderful event that Miss Chanel Clark, Founder and CEO of the Miss NYC Plus Runway Model Competition held on March 15. Miss Clark is now undergoing the task of trying to get signatures for a petition to get a plus size show during NYC's fall Fashion Week. The signed Petition will be sent to IMG World, the producers of Fashion Week.

Miss Clark writes in her plea to both IMG World and the Plus Community:

"I am pleading with you, to please acknowledge us during Fashion Week. We are not asking you to give us the whole entire tent, but rather, just a segment of one of the shows. If there was a runway built exclusively for the plus models, and if each designer contributed one designer outfit as a special "project" towards the benefit of size acceptance, I truly do believe that it would be an asset to Fashion Week. The time is now because the average size woman is a size 12/14, and we have spending power. We are tired of being ignored by the fashion industry. Please stop ignoring us, we want to be included. Curves are beautiful. Please give us a chance."

Isn't it time that we see real women and fashions for real women at fashion week? If you feel like I do, click here to view and sign the petition. When you do, be sure to put your real name and a positive comment regarding a plus size runway show at Fashion Week.

Thanks in advance to all who help Miss Clark in her cause!


Anonymous said...

Necessity is the mother of invention.
Why don't you and those that you want to uplift get together and create a fashion show of your very own?
I'm one of the thin women, a real woman, by the way and I have curves but not the curves that you speak about. I used to work as an assistant booker for the world's largest modeling agency. Thin and skinny women will always rule the runway for mainstream designers, BUT I think more and more mainstream designers are branching into larger sizes, such as size 12. The only way to get there attention is to stage something of your very own and when they see the droves of women of your size pay money and spend time at your events, things may change. As Gandhi said: Be the change you want to see in the world.

Start your own movement, don't beg for someone else to include you in the game, BE the game. I know that you and others like you CAN DO IT! I'm not a big woman but I would definitely come out and support you ladies and my friends who are.
Looking forward!!


Unknown said...

@ Felicia:

There are literally hundreds of plus size fashion shows that take place throughout not only the New York tri-state area, but around the country on a yearly basis. So the idea of a plus size fashion show is far from new within the plus community.

Having said that, the point that I believe Miss Clark, in staging her protest, is trying to make is that the plus size fashion market is a billion dollar industry. Why can't there be a Fashion Week-sponsored fashion show featuring plus size fashions when supposedly more than half of the women in the US are at least a size 14 (which is truly where plus size begins, not at a 12)?

I do agree your "if you can't beat them, join them" approach and also think that some of the major plus apparel makers should try and come together and do their own show during Fashion Week. However, I am also all for the protest if and when it happens.

I appreciate your feedback! I have heard some interesting news on this very topic and hope to report on it here soon, so stay tuned!

Peace & Love,
Ms. Aja B.
Belle-Noir Mag

Anonymous said...

If Mercedes-Benz can sponsor the skinny models, then why not us? The issue at hand is money...millions of dollars goes into pulling off Fashion Week in LA and NYC... until we get our respect, it won't happen!