Sunday, March 16, 2008

Q&A of the Week: The Rules

Welcome to the Belle-Noir Magazine Q&A of the Week! There is so much going on in the plus community and in the world at large (no pun intended!) So this is a chance for us to hear how you, our readers, feel about some of the hot topics of the day. A new question will be posted every Sunday and comments will be open all week until Friday night at 8:00pm EDT.
To sweeten the deal, at the end of each week, one comment will be selected as the winner and will be entered into a contest. At the end of four weeks (three for the month of March) a winner will be selected and will win a prize (more details on the prize for March coming soon)!
The Rules:
1) While we encourage free speech, please refrain from using profane and explicit language.

2) Healthy debate is encouraged, however, flaming another commenter will not be tolerated and comments deemed as derogatory will be disqualified and deleted.

3) Anonymous posts are welcome but will not be considered for the contest.
4) Have fun with it!
Rules having been established, let's get started!

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