Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Yes We Can? No...Yes We Did!

(photo credit: NYDailyNews.com)

I am too overwhelmed and excited to even blog right now, but I had to post this right this very moment. America has elected Barack Obama as the 44th President of the United States of America. 400 years ago, Black people were slaves in this country. Less than 50 years ago, we didn't even have the right to vote. And now....a Black Man will bring his beautiful Black wife and two beautiful Black children into the White House!

But you know what? It wasn't about race. It couldn't have been. Not with Obama winning the way he did tonight. It was about the issues. Mr. Obama ran a classy and dignified race. Substance. Style. Truth. So much truth.

McCain is giving a beautifully eloquent consession speech. I have to respect him for that. The country just did not want the possibility of four more years of the same.

I will definitely post more about this later, and will definitely start a countdown to Inauguration Day. But for now? God is Good. All the time. All praises & blessing to Him. It is now when President Obama will need you the most, as he leads this country into a new direction.

Obama y'all! Yes We Can? No, Yes We Did!

(photo credit: abcnews.com)

***Edited at 9:00am 11/5/08*****

I didn't go to sleep until around 1:30am and bounced right up at 6:15am. Between following all the play by play coverage of what was going on in Harlem via @AroundHarlem and staying up to watch Obama's acceptance speech, I didn't want to go to sleep. And now, I hardly want to even focus on the tasks I am supposed to be focusing on today.

I found this picture on Brittany's blog this morning and it sums up what is truth right now. I will break down the ramifications of this historic election more in on another day. For now, I can just smile.

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