Monday, April 6, 2009

Reviewing The Racks: Old Navy

Welcome to another Beautiful You Monday here on Belle-Noir Mag! Recently, I've read quite a few posts on different blogs about plus size women and their search for finding quality clothing. Last week's beautiful you Monday was about a great up and coming fashion designer, Qristyl Frazier (who, BTW, will be showcasing her designs at Curves & Cocktails at NYC on April 25--had to slip the shameless plug in!). And two of the comments that were left really stood out and were the inspiration for today's post:

One Anonymous Poster wrote: "I think her designs are really nice BUT come on why are plus size clothes sooooo expensive big girls on a budget like nice things too! Who wants to pay $160 for a denim dress???"

Another Anonymous Poster wrote: "I would pay $160 for a denim dress that is different from all of the basic trenchcoat/shirt style demim dresses I see in the catalogs. But it would be a splurge for me...a treat for a birthday, etc.I do agree that a lot of times plus size clothing is expensive. Where can a girl go to get nice clothing at an affordable price?Belle-Noir, maybe you can shed some light on this?"

So yes, I will conceed that $160 might be pricey for a denim dress, especially in these difficult economic times. But while I would have to agree with the 2nd anonymous that it should be a splurge item, rather than a major staple piece, the question is still out there: where should plus size ladies look to add some fashionable but affordable pieces to their wardrobes?

So today, we are Reviewing The Racks and the retailer in the spotlight today is none other than Old Navy!

Name: Old Navy

Claim to Fame: "For more than a decade, Old Navy has been famous for bringing customers on-trend apparel and accessories, as well as updated basics, at a surprising value, all in a fun, energizing shopping environment. From Old Navy’s Item of the Week — a special item at a special price each week — to its much-talked-about advertising campaigns, Old Navy is still the place to go for the latest fashion at amazing prices."--from the Old Navy Corporate page

Location: Exclusively Online. Yes, this is my one major bone to pick with Old Navy. I'm not sure how you can boast about a "fun, energizing shopping environment" when you limit exactly who can share in that environment by not offering your plus sizes instore. However, unlike shopping at the store, you can almost guarantee that they will have your item in your size unless it is sold out. Their plus items go from size 16 to 30.

Price: $ Let's cut to the chase, ladies. If you are looking for affordable pieces that can rejuvenate some of the items you already have in your closet, is where it's at. Looking for some cute blouses to throw under your suits and over your skirts for the summer work season? Check out Old Navy. Looking for cute but afforable sundresses for Casual Friday, or brunch with the girls? Old Navy's got it! Getting ready to go on the summer vacation of a lifetime that has left little money to buy a new vacation wardrobe? Old Navy carries everything from the crop pants you crave, to the bathing suits and coverups for lounging by the pool, to skirts and dresses to wear as you dance the night away.

What to look for: Sign up for the OldNavy mailing list and opt to receive emails specifically about the Women's Plus Size collection. You will be first to hear about new items, and be the first to hear about their special $10 and $5 sales (even before you see the ads on TV).

Reviewing The Racks Overall Rating:Three out of five hangers. Old Navy might move up to a perfect five hangers if they bring back the plus size section in their stores. They do get a high rating, however, for providing affordable and fashionable pieces that any plus size fashionista can use to bring a touch of color to their wardrobe.

What do you think ladies? Will Old Navy be part of your spring & summer wardrobe?

Reviewing The Racks: Old Navy


Tricia said...

Very good pick!! IMO, although it's so annoying that it's only available online, I feel as if their plus size selection has gotten SO much better since they stopped making the clothes available in the stores. I don't know whats up with that - but that's what I have noticed. And it's funny because my non-plus size friends SWEAT the things I've gotten from Old Navy Plus. SWEAT - especially the bathing suits (I got some FLY ones last summer!) Also, when they have a good clearance sale - forget it - it's great! I'd give it four out of five hangers.

Shell said...

I love old Navy!! I was just there on Thursday buying two beautiful blouses. The store near me always stocks up on plus sizes, so I am lucky. I do say if you go to the actual store, if you see something get it that day. If you wait it will be gone!!

Anonymous said...

I love some of the styles at Old Navy but I find the quality a bit lax and their plus size proportions do not always work for my pear figure. As far as swimsuits go - UGH! I did find a site for swimsuits that I love - Beautiful colors and prints and swimsuits with shape flattering features like added spandex and tummy control.

Anonymous said...

wow i didnt even notice they werent in the store anymore (you can tell how much i go there lol). and i agree, their plus size proportions are teeeeerrible :(

Unknown said...

I like Old Navy for simple shirts and denim skirts but their sizing is inconsistent. Sometimes I'm a 2x, sometimes a 3x and I had to buy my winter jacket in a 4x because the shoulders were snug. I love the jacket but the size up made it fit more like a coat. I'm not sure what fit model they use.