Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Vanity Table: Rx For Brown Skin

Hi everyone! I am so pleased to bring you a review of Dr. Susan Taylor's new line of skincare products, Rx for Brown Skin. Several of my favorite beauty bloggers have had a chance to review the line, and I was so pleased when Ms. Jinal Shah, working with the online marketing team of Rx For Brown Skin, asked me if I would be willing to review the products here for my Belle-Noir readers.

Dr. Susan Taylor was created three different formulas especially for women of Color: Bright and Healthy Collection for sensitive skin; Bright and Clear Collection for acne prone, oily, combination or problem skin; and Bright and Even Collection for dull, uneven, mature or hyperpigmented brown skin.

I received for my samples what I considered a perfect mix of items, considering Jinal did not know my skin type:
  • Bright and Clear Cleander for acne prone skin

  • Bright and Clear Toner for oil prone skin

  • Bright and Even Exfoliating Moisturizer for uneven skin tone

  • Bright and Clear Moisturizer for acne prone skin

  • Protect and Defend Moisturizing Sunscreen with SPF 15

I have suffered with acne since I was a teenager. And while it has gotten better as I have gotten older, anything from washing my face with the wrong cleanser, to stress, to my diet can set off a flare up that leaves me reaching for anything that might work. When I say I have tried all of the acne systems out there, believe me I truly have! So I can admit to being skeptical that perhaps, Rx For Brown Skin was going to be different.

The Good: The first two days of my new experiment, I tried a combination of the Bright and Clear Cleanser, Toner and Moisturizer. The cleanser was not what I was used to. I personally like a cleanser that I can "feel" working i.e. a tingling sensation, a cooling sensation, etc. This one did not have that, but it did lather well and after rinsing my face, it did not feel tight and dry like after using some cleansers.

The Bad: I was not in love with the Toner. At all. My skin tends to be more dry than oily, and I felt like the combination of the toner and the Bright and Clear moisturizer left my skin overly shiny and--well-sticky. A switch to my old faithful toner on day three, however, did the trick, and put me back on track. I also did try out the Exfoliating Moisturizer for uneven skin tone. It left my skin overly dry and a bit flaky.

The Overall Verdict: It's been almost two weeks and I can truly see a difference in my skin. It is exactly what the products say: brighter and more clear. I've never been a believer in having to use all products in a skin care line. I do tend to mix and match. However, I am eager to see if the Bright and Even Toner will do the trick in place of my own toner. And I am also eager to test the sunscreen once the weather warms up in NYC.

If you have had issues with acne, I would definitely check out the Rx For Brown Skin skincare line. For more specifics on the ingredients in these products, and where you can find the products for purchase, be sure to visit the website. Rx for Brown Skin also offers three Special Prescription products and a sunscreen to even the complexion, and restore flawless skin as well as a line of body care products that include Skin-evening Body lotion & Body butter! And if you have a positive experience like I did, be sure to tell them that Belle-Noir sent you!

Ladies, have any of you already tried Rx For Brown Skin? I'd love to hear your thoughts & reactions.

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