Monday, May 18, 2009

Style File: Colorful Coral

It's Beautiful You Monday on Belle-Noir Mag and we are continuing on our tour of hot colors for Spring/Summer 2009! Last week, we showed you some of our favorite items in Yellow. This week we are taking a look at a shade that is popping up everywhere in fashion: coral.

One of my favorite trend-spotting sites,, has this to say about coral:

"Coral stands out as a terrific transitional color, as it looks amazing with black (for spring evenings when nights are cool) and when summer whites kick in you won't find a more flattering combination than coral and white. If you want to add just a splash, consider a pretty little cardigan or asymmetric tuffle top."
There are also plenty of accessories this season in coral, for those who aren't ready for wearing bright colors. But ladies, there is no reason to fear this spring time pinkish-orange shade. It looks good on almost every skin tone, and whether you are big and bold by wearing a dress, or just want to add a punch of color with a cute dangline earring, you won't go wrong this summer with this tropical punch.

Here are some of our favorite pieces, courtesy of
Old Navy at ShopStyle

What do you think, ladies? Is coral a color you will be wearing this summer?

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Corinna said...

Beautifully done! I love the selections you chose.