Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Frugal Files: Seeking Abundance? Write Away!!

Hey folks!!

I try to find the significance and reason for my every experience. I learned a long time ago, that EVERYTHING happens for the reason. The previously frustrating thing about that fact is that we don’t always initially know the reason. Sometimes we never find out, but I’ve learned to trust that is it ALWAYS for my good, directly or indirectly.

I’d done some non-profit film work for a friend of mine I’ve known for years. We worked together years ago. I was happy to do it because I’m interested in both building my acting resume and community service. It was a good match. As a small token of appreciation, she gave me this beautiful yellow journal. It has brown pages, which remind me of parchment. It was bound with a cute lilac ribbon. As much as I cherished the thought and gift, I didn’t know what to do with it. As a writer and lifetime creative, I have tons of notebooks and journals. Here’s another one for the pile.
You know, I ALMOST gave it away in a freecycle giveaway, but I couldn’t bear to part with it…for some reason. I wasn’t sure of that reason, until recently. I belong to a Yahoo group called Million Dollar Manifesting Circle. I get quite a bit of mail from that group, but my own participation has become nonexistent. I receive the emails, but barely read them. One early morning, I’m about to delete them, when I got an unction to keep these specific emails. So I open them to read.

There, I was given instructions…to build and bring in wealth. The idea of an Abundance Journal was presented; for me it was born. I found a purpose for my new journal. It is my Abundance Journal. If you have a special notebook or even a bunch of scrap paper, it doesn’t matter. Start your Abundance Journal and journey today. You know anything I share, I’ve tried, or I invite you to do it right along with me. We’re all finding our way to wealth and frugalicous living!!

Here are some instructions to using our journals, many thanks to the Manifesting Circle. They are simple and easy to follow. The rest is up to you. You define your own way to wealth. It’s three painless steps:

1)      Write down how you are and have been focusing on abundance.

For instance, what did you attract today or this week? In my Frugal Sisters Yahoo group, I found I was already recording this in our daily ‘What three frugal things did you do today?” prompt. My examples are: I found money on the ground; I received an item I wanted from freecycle; I used a coupon I was given for a free sample of my favorite perfume.

2)      Meditation: Think about it and Receive it

I know this word sometimes has an intimidating connotation, mostly because we often associate meditation with gurus who do so for hours. I’m not necessarily suggesting that. I am suggesting that you take time to focus on wealth and abundance, even if just for a few moments. This is our way of believing that what we desire is possible. It’s where we envision ourselves in a more abundant state. We can see how we’re abundant; feel it. If we can conceive it, we can achieve it.

3)      Attitude of Gratitude

I added this one because it’s so important to me and hopefully to you. It’s here that we learn to truly appreciate all that is manifesting in our lives. The more grateful you are, the more you will receive for which to be grateful. It’s that simple. Abundance and prosperity is available to ALL of us, if we want it. When you began to see it unfold, mind our manners. Even as children, we were taught to say, “Thank you.” It is always the polite thing to do.

So now, we’ve learned to Ask, Believe and Receive with gratitude. Our affirmation this week is this profound one; a fortune cookie quote I saw in a Feng Shui book: “You and your world are the product of your thoughts.”

Now, go and write yourself into abundance!!

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