Monday, February 7, 2011

Belle of the Week: Delali Haligah

Meet our Belle of the Week, Delali Haligah!

Delali Haligah is the creator of Osun Designs, which creates one of kind Art-to-wear that draws heavily on the Afrikan experience, (both inAfrika and in the Diaspora.)

The designs are a combination of contemporary style with a distinctly Ancient flavour. This fusion of hand painted, indigenous graphic images, striking fabrics, and Osun’s signatory “simple yet elegant” shaping—makes each creation feast for the eyes!!!!!

Delali Haligah was born of Jamaican parentage in London. She spent her formative years in New York, returning to the lush island of Jamaica for her summers. Later in life, she lived and/or worked as a Designer in several countries including Ghana, Portugal, Nigeria, England, Kenya, France and Tanzania.

Delali is an actor, singer and accomplished dancer who has performed on Broadway, in television, and in movies. She is a former member of the Screen Actors Guild (S.A.G) and the Actor’s Equity Association (A.E.A). She it is her exposure to different experiences, along with the Blessing of her talents, which makes her style appeal to several types of people.

OSUN Designs have previously been featured in publications such as: The Guardian Weekend , Pride, Black Hair, Woman 2 Woman magazines (London).

More recently, OSUN could be seen as a featured Artist in The New York Times, the NY Daily News and also on NY1 for her newest project-Queens Fashion Week. This year's Queens Fashion Week is taking place February 10-13, 2011 in New York City.

She feels her greatest accomplishment to date is the raising of her 12 year old son of whom she is extremely proud.

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