Monday, February 21, 2011

Belle of the Week: Theresa “Sparkle” Randolph

Meet our Belle of the Week, Ms. Theresa "Sparkle" Randolph

A trailblazer and trendsetter, Ms. Theresa “Sparkle” Randolph has carved a unique career niche since she began. The New Jersey native created and has produced the wildly popular Ms. Full-Figured USA, Ms. Full-Figured and Ms. Full-Figured New York pageants and has been going strong with them for the past 19 years. Her January 2009 pageant will represent her 20th year as a successful pageant promoter.

A full-figured model and beauty contest winner herself, Sparkle does sparkle! The unforgettable young lady energetically crafts the pageants into the most spectacular extravaganzas to be seen. Her highly anticipated sold-out events are a must-see!

Sparkle's pageant winners have gone on to successful careers in the full-figured modeling industry. Both inspirational and educational, her pageant experiences enhance the beautiful plus-sized lady's life in numerous ways. Featured on tv shows such as Good Day New York, Your Morning On CN8, MY9 News and the CW11 Morning News, as well as in the NJ Star-Ledger newspaper, the NY Amsterdam News and NY Beacon, she and her contestants are a glamorous addition to the scene, wherever they go. They are often special guests at various events, owing to their grace, poise and beauty, that definitely light up the room!

Over the years, Sparkle's pageants have been graced by appearances from various celebrities, including r&b superstar Freddie Jackson, “Last Comic Standing” finalist Roz G, r&b songbird Mikki Howard, r&b group Full Force member Bowlegged Lou, r&b crooner Kieran and “Mo'Nique's F.A.T. Chance” reality tv personality Sharon Quinn.

Ms. Randolph began her career as an Ebony Fashion Fair model. She has also been a fashion show commentator and tv show host, having hosted the cable favorite “Image TV” for many years.

“Fabulous” is Theresa “Sparkle” Randolph's middle name. Her full-figured pageants are glittering expressions of diversity in beauty. Her motto is “Size is no barrier to beauty” and she certainly lives by that!

Ms. Randolph will be producing her next "Ms. Full-Figured USA Pageant" on Sunday, March 6 at the Robert Treat Hotel in  Newark, New Jersey. For more information, please contact: Mary Moore, So Much Moore Communications at

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