Monday, March 7, 2011

Belle of the Week: Stephanie Penn-Danforth

Meet our Belle of the Week, Stephanie Penn-Danforth

As the Editor In Chief of, Stephanie Penn-Danforth is responsible for articulating the vision for the daily online magazine and its content, tools and online community. Mrs. Danforth works closely with the publisher (V.I.E. Thrive) to provide the infrastructure and development assets necessary to deliver the content, feature set and tools to the consumer in the most effective fashion. She also supervises and works closely with editors and writers to develop ideas and oversee direction of features, blogs, videos, social media, etc.

A proud advocate for the Plus size community, Stephanie serves as the Co-producer of the Detroit edition of the International Fuller Woman Expo. In this role she is responsible for securing vendors for the event and ensuring their needs are met so they have optimum exposure and success on the day of the event. She is involved in the process of enlisting volunteers to assist with the planning as well as serving as a point of contact for attendees at the Expo.

Last, Stephanie is the President and Co-founder of Pretty Girl Project whose mission is to celebrate internal and external beauty of girls in her hometown, Detroit, Michigan. Stephanie is responsible for day to day operations and ensuring the mission of the organization is adhered to organizing various events and initiatives including their annual Prom Princess Event.

Everything that Stephanie does is done with a purpose. Uplifting and encouraging those around her is what keeps her motivated. Her personal mission is simple; "I'm blessed, now it's time to bless others."

For more information, please visit:

The International Fuller Woman Expo-

Pretty Girl Project-

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