Monday, August 8, 2011

Reviewing the Racks: Clique to Know

Happy Monday Folks! Those of you who have been fans & followers of Belle-Noir Mag for awhile know that a few years ago, every Monday was Beautiful You Monday. We stopped it for awhile, but with so many great new designers, online shopping stops, and more out there for us plus size ladies to take advantage of, we decided to bring it back! And we are kicking it off with one our our favorite features: Reviewing the Racks!

Name: Clique to Know

Location: Exclusively Online (

Claim to Fame: "Clique To Know is a new members-only site dedicated to all you curvaceous women out there. Love fashion? Need a designer fix? Adore securing a bargain? Then Clique To Know will be your one-stop shop for fabulous luxury fashion at discounted prices from US size 10 and upwards." - From their website.

Price: $$$$ - From reviewing the website so far, I have seen not only some designers that I have never heard of but whom have some gorgeous designs for plus size ladies, but I have also seen some fairly decent prices if you are looking to add some new staples to your wardrobe. My only disappointment was that, as a size 26/28, there were not that many options on the site when I looked on July 22. However, they often have an Igigi by Yulia Raquel sale--and you know how I feel about Igigi. *happy sigh* I am eagerly looking forward to seeing what is offered, as the last Igigi sale had some great dresses that I did not recall seeing on their website.

What to Look For: The key to this site, ladies, is to keep lookingand sign-up for their mailing list! New sales start every few days or so, and as the old saying goes "the early bird catches the worm". I look forward to purchasing some items from them and giving you a full review.

Have you checked our Clique to Know? Have you ordered anything from them as of yet? We'd love to know your thoughts!

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Shannon said...

I placed my first order with Clique to Know and I have to say, I'm very disappointed. First off, you have to wait 12 buisness days after the sale ends before they even think about shipping your stuff. When I emailed to politely ask why I was being sharged such a huge fee for shipping ($11 for 2 dresses? Come on. Even Kiyonna and Igigi don't charge that much) if I had to wait 2 - 3 weeks before they even shipped my things out, I was told "Sorry, that's just our business model. Twelve buisness days after the sale ends.". I placed my order (and was charged for it, I might add) on September 8th. Today is Sept 21st and I STILL haven't received notification that my order has even shipped. Clique to Know, I will be deleting my account as soon as my dresses arrive.