Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Frugal Files: Tax Day Freebies & Earth Day Challenges

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It’s certainly is tax time!! In case you were wondering why your friends, family and co-workers are scurrying around pulling out their hair and panicking about the deadline. Well, it’s here and hopefully everyone has finally filed their taxes and received their refunds, if you’re getting one. If you owe, I hope all of your checks have already been sent in or at least postdated for today!! We don’t want any penalties on top of what Uncle Sam is already getting do we?

If you are still in need of filing, you better get it done quickly. Here's a few last minute details you can reference for your information. Timely Tips for Tardy Taxpayers 

So, now that you’ve taken care of your business, I think we all deserve a treat. We’re not the only ones. Retailers and companies have all gotten into the tax season spirit and are offering big discounts to consumers, but best of all, some are offering what we love best: FREE STUFF!!

You name it, you claim it, so check out what you can get today for little to no bucks!! From coffee to Happy Hour, let’s get our after-tax treats!!

Want to relax? Based on where you live, see if you can get you a Free HydroMassage on Tax Day (4/16-20) Just reserve yours and print out the coupon to redeem it!! 

Hungry? Then get your free coffee and biscotti at Whole Foods for breakfast, head to Panda Express for a free Shanghai Angus Steak and Arbys for free value curly fries for lunch!! For dinner...GO HOME AND COOK!! We're frugalicious remember? Before you do though, stop in for Happy Hour at McCormick and Schmick's who has an extended happy hour from 3pm - 11pm. They'll have discounted appetizers and drinks called the Bloody Mary Tax Code, the Uncle Same and the Rummy Refund. Aren't those clever?

Okay, if you don't want to cook, then at least get something free. Get a free appetizer at Chili's and if you head to Chevy's, they will pick up the taxes for you!! Hooter's Tax Day Special offers 20 boneless wings for $9.99. Print this Boston Market coupon to get a free individual meal when you buy one!! So, dinner for two, for the price of one!! 

Then, get a sweet treat from Maggie Moos or Marble Slab Creamery, who are both offering a free scoop of their new yogurt flavors from 4pm - 7pm today!! You can also head to Cinnabon and get two Cinnabon Bites free from 6pm - 8pm. Taxes never tasted so sweet!!

While you're getting all your free tax breaks and delectables, don't forget it's still Earth Month and Earth Day is a coming up this Sunday!! We are still Spring cleaning, so don't forget to do your part. Participate in an Earth Day event in your area, create your own and submit your Green Act here: Earth Day Events

Here's a couple of challenging ways to celebrate Earth Day and do something that will matter in the long run.

Go vegetarian for a week. Can you do it? If I have my rice and black beans, I know I definitely could. We already go meatless 1-2 times per week. This is what I read from The Huffington Post, after seeing that the meat industry contributed man-made gas emissions.

"A report published by the Environmental Working Group last year found that if every American eliminated both meat and cheese from their diet for one day a week, it would be equivalent to removing 7.6 million cars from the road."

Wow, that's a lot of gas and speaking of it, do you think you could go without your car for a week? I don't think I can, but I can limit my driving. Other alternatives would be to walk, ride a bike or even take public transportation, all of which are cheaper than putting our cars on the road.

Even if you find those two difficult, saying no to plastic should prove to be an easier task. Purpose to recycle the plastic bottles you have and pick up a reusable metal bottle, drink tap or distilled water and save the earth. The more junk we keep out of the landfills the better.

So, with that, I will bid you adieu, but have a great freebie day!! We'll check in next week!!

Frugalicious Diva

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