Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Mid-Week Must Have: Queen Grace Announces Vieta Handbags

We received the following from our friends at the Queen Grace Collection:

"Introducing the popular and ultra stylish handbag line by Vieta Accessories!

Vieta handbags are 100% sustainable, eco friendly, luxe looking, super stylish and the best part? They are a fabulous compliment to our gorgeous QG spring color palettes and we think these luxe bags are priced perfectly just for YOU.

This special, limited edition series will be running through Spring 2012 so get your QG Vieta bag now - they just may sell out before you blink your pretty little curvy girl eye!"

Redeem code QUEENIE25 and enjoy 25% off your 1st order! Free Shipping for all orders over $100.00! They ship worldwide & Queen Grace is proudly made In the USA!

I am loving the Allie Clutch and the Honor Handbag! Do you have a fave?

Have you checked out the Vieta Accessories line from the Queen Grace Collection? It's available now at!

1 comment:

NEC STYLE said...

I love these bags. They look very expensive but are extremely affordable. Cant wait to get mine in the mail.