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The Frugal Files: Daddy's Little Frugal Girls: Have Your Own!!

Memorable Money Words from Daddy
A Musical Tribute to our Fathers on their Day

Hello there and welcome back to the Frugal Files with The Frugalicious Diva!! This is a last week of our “advice from Daddy” column for the month, the words we’ve been given will carry us through a lifetime.

I want to take the time out to think about my colleague/friend Marcy and my sorority sister/best girlfriend Tash and say a little prayer for them. They both endured this Father’s Day with fresh wounds of losing theirs last year and this year respectively. I applaud their strength and I smile at the stories and fond memories they shared during this difficult time. I love you Belles and pray that God will continue to strengthen you each and everyday, as you make your own lives count!! Your Fathers were great men and lovingly passed on those great traits to both of you!! Kisses and hugs to you!!

It seems nowadays, young women are not getting the fatherly advice needed to get through tough times as an adult. We sometimes get into situations that may have even been avoided all together, if there was a male role model in the right place. We learn traditional (or non traditional) values from our immediate family and even though the world has changed, some family values have not. Girls need to learn their worth from their fathers because he names us, giving us our value. It’s a great responsibility; one that is for a mature man. He helps set the tone for that woman’s life. So the last piece of advice, this month, that I’m sharing from one Daddy’s Girl to another is…

Dad & Mom said: “Have Your Own Stuff”
One Monkey Don’t Shop No Show…The Honey Cone

This is again advice both my Dad and Mom shared with me. These words of wisdom taught me to be an independent woman who will complement my man, instead of being a burden to him. While it is traditionally a man’s job to provide for his family, we have to be realistic in the times in which we live. Both men and women are working to make a better life for their families and when they work together, it is good for all involved.

They reminded me I didn’t have to wait for a husband to get a degree, travel the world, build a business or buy a home. In fact, they understood that a soul mate would come on the way to me being the best me I am offering this world. So, ladies, you don’t have to wait on a man to come or wait for one to get himself together before you go for and achieve your goals. Go for it NOW and the right one will some along and complement you, just as you will complement him.

This advice still applies even when you are in a relationship or marriage. It’s perfectly okay for you to pursue your destiny, in fact it’s your right. Work with your partner to set goals and invest in yourself, as well as them. Hopefully, you have chosen a responsible and giving partner that loves to see you shine, just like you encourage them to be the best them. If there’s ever an unfortunate time that a relationship doesn’t work out and things are difficult for you, understand that you can still obtain what you want, simply because it’s your birthright to have what you desire in life.

So let me give my own rendition of the old Ms Billie Holiday favorite, “Mama may have, Papa may have, That Brotha may have…but God bless the Belle that’s got her own!!” 

I’m sure your parents, guardians or mentors gave you useful advice in the past that you carry with you now. In our everyday life, let’s be sure to pay tribute to them for their priceless contribution to our lives. I salute my parents, my Godparents and countless Aunts and Uncles for their words of wisdom on life, money, love and happiness.

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