Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Frugal Files: Substitute to Save: School Supplies

Welcome back all!! This month’s Frugal Files will include tips and tricks to substitute your way to saving. I know at restaurants the chefs prefer to prepare the dishes just how it's described on the menu, but we are all different, so we have different tastes. We make substitutions in every other part of our lives, so why not when it comes to our wallets? This month's series will give you ideas to save in other ways besides the traditional ones we see. We'll always find another way to save, so join with me in saying, "Substitutions please!!"

Many people feel they have to pay full price or even make unnecessary purchases in order to have certain things, but the truth is we can always find a deal or improvise with a clever substitution.

What is August typically known for? That’s right folks, it’s Back to School time!! That means it’s time to get those kiddies looking prim, proper and ready to get back to the learning environment. Do you need to get them a trim? Not to diminish the work of your current barber, but be sure to check out JCPenney because they are giving FREE haircuts for the kiddies. Do a search to see if there’s a JCP salon in your area. As long as they are in grades K-6, then they are eligible. Get your appointment booked today!!

This time last year, I challenged you to Hunt for School Supplies at home. Finding what you or your child needs right in your own home is the ultimate substitution. It keeps down the clutter, while you recycle and save money by using what was leftover from last year. No need to head out and try to beat the greedy shoppers who pile their buggies high, just because the supplies are "cheap" (or free) or pay high prices for items you already have (probably in duplicate I might add).

Another tip to save on book covers. It's an oldie, but goodie. Use the paper grocery bags instead. Cut them accordingly, wrap your books and allow your children to do their own artwork on it. Some people use the comics newpapers, but it's so flimsy, you'll be covering the child's book again next week.

If I could add anything to the Scavenger Hunt blog now, I would definitely include new found knowledge of the power of couponing. There are some phenomenal deals out there for glue, crayons, paper and even hand sanitizer. Check out the sales and deals at some of your favorite shopping places and find some corresponding coupons. Check out the websites for coupons too and get your additional savings:

Target - Coupons are available on the site.




You are sure to walk away with free or very cheap items, a great way to start off the school year stress free.

Looking for clothes, then look for uniforms at a thrift shop. If it's a pretty basic dress code, then grab them some khakis and polos and be on your way. No need to buy expensive clothing; just make sure they are clean and comfortable. If you must shop retail, take advantage of sales and discounts. If a store is closing, that's even better. I got word recently that Payless' parent company Stride Rite is closing several of their stores. Although that's unfortunate for their business, it might mean a great deal on school shoes for the kids. Check it out and see what you can find.

That's all the tips I have for you today, but stay tuned this month for subbing to save for college students and in your kitchen!! Until next time, let's save!!

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