Monday, September 19, 2011

Beautiful You Monday: Style File: Just As You Are

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Our Facebook fans & Twitter Followers might recall my speaking about being invited to the Plus Model Magazine Blogger Conference a few weeks ago. Held at the absolutely GORGEOUS Hudson Terrace, the event was to announce the launch of a new line of plus size outerwear, Just As You Are. This post is all about the fabulousness that is the Just As You Are Fall/Winter 2011 line.

Plus size ladies--particularly my ladies who are like me, sizes 24+, and live in cold weather states--can relate to this experience: you know the winter is coming and you begin the search for a winter coat that will survive the wind, rain, snow, and everything else winter can throw your way. Some might just be looking for something sleek and stylish they can wear with office wear. Others might be looking for something that will stand up to busy fall & winter weekends. What usually happens (at least in my past experience) is one of the following:
  • I will find a coat that I absolutely adore, but it stops at a size 24 (often times, much smaller).
  • I will find a coat that I absolutely adore, but while it comes in my size, the only color options are black, black, and did I mention black?
  • I will find a coat that I absolutely adore, but it is so expensive that I find it hard to justify the purchase. Not to mention that the fit is just not quite right.
Ladies, Just As You Are has heard these, plus many more of the common complaints that we have as plus size women looking for stylish outerwear. What they have created is a line of outerwear that is completely about fitting your shape and helping you walk away with a coat that will "embrace your shape" make you look fabulous "just as you are".

First, there are no sizes when you shop with Just As You Are. Your perfect coat shopping experience starts with your measurements. By entering your chest, waist, hips and height into the measurements form, you will then be given the coats that are recommend as best for your shape! Browse the selections, fall in love with your new favorite coat, add it to your online shopping cart and viola! So simple, yet genius!

As I always say, we must support the designers who are designing clothing that is especially for us. What I also love about Just As You Are is that there is no mention of  a coat's "slimming qualities" or other phrases that assume that I am looking for something that is going to make me look smaller.

Here's a look at some of the coats from the collection that were debuted that night:

Accra wrap $159
Photo credit: LucasPictures.Net

Angola wrap $219
Photo credit:

Aurora jacket $249
Photo credit:

Aspen jacket $269
Photo credit:

Alabama jacket $169
Photo credit: LucasPictures.Net

Arizona jacket  $179
Photo credit:

What do you think ladies? Will you give Just As You Are a try? Be sure to check out the website and follow them on Facebook.

Special thanks to Madeline Figueroa-Jones, Editor-In-Chief of Plus Model Magazine, the Just As You Are team, and everyone else involved in making the Blogger Conference a great time.

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