Thursday, February 2, 2012

Color Your World Red

Beauty, to me, is about being comfortable in your own skin. That, or a kick-ass red lipstick. ~ Gwyneth Paltrow

It's just something about the color red. I think it's a color that looks great on anyone, no matter what your skin tone or hair color. I say that because there are so many shades of red to compliment anyone. All I know is that when I wear the color red, it puts an extra pep in my step and I just feel like I own the room just by wearing red. I love when I color my hair red; it gives me a fiery, bold type of attitude. And of course, as Ms Paltrow said above, a kick-ass red lipstick can take you from drab to fab with the quickness.

The color red allows us to add a little color in our world when we need that pep. It allows us to be bold and daring because that is what red represents. Red means strength and power. Red is such a color that if you are brave enough to rock it, it tells the world that you are unstoppable. Colors, in general, especially a nice jewel tone like red, can not only make you look good on the outside but boost your spirit on the inside too.

Red also equates sexy. I have heard plenty of men talk of how they love to see a woman in a red dress or wearing red pumps. I personally think it's because not only does it represent passion but it also represents confidence. And we all know men love a confident woman who can own a room. Confidence is definitely a trait that makes a woman or man more attractive. If you step into a room wearing red, you're getting noticed.

In Chinese culture, red represents good luck, happiness and joy. Brides wear a red wedding gown - it's considered the classic wedding dress in China. Everyone attending the wedding is actually encouraged to wear red because the color red is regarded as energy, a symbol of the fire element in Chinese metaphysics. It helps the couple to chase out bad luck on their wedding day. (source)

To me, red is such a powerful color. While it gives me a reason to be bold and daring, red also represents love. What a better way to honor your love for yourself and your strength by rocking a cute red dress and just feeling fierce. And if I can get some good luck thrown in there by wearing red, then that's an added bonus.

If you don't want to wear a red dress, there are other ways to add red to your wardrobe. Leopard print, which is a trend that never goes out of style, now comes in different colors. A red leopard print is's bold and modern. I have seen red leopard print leggings, clutch, shoes, even a tee. Sometimes a hint of red or a red print can make a bold statement on its own. At the end of the day, what matters is how you feel from the inside and out. Find what red pieces work for you and make you feel good. As Tim Gunn (my best friend in my mind, lol) always says, "Make it work!".

And don't let it stop at your clothing. According to Feng Shui, a front door of a house painted red means "welcome". And I think a red door is fabulous. Since the door is the entryway into your home aka "your safe haven", the red door keeps all the unwanted bad energy out. A red door would instead create welcoming positive energy. Some even believe a red door protects its occupants from evil. Yes, a red door can be that deep. I also love when I see a red painted wall or room in someone's house. I believe it's a mood booster. Not to mention, it looks fabulous when coupled with a pretty design that has a black and white secondary color scheme.

National Wear Red Day is Friday, February 3rd and what a great reason to wear red! You are not only adding some color to your world but you are helping in raising awareness on heart disease, which kills more women than all cancers combined. (source) So rock your red and not only raise awareness of heart disease but channel your inner boldness. Be fierce, be daring, be fearless! As the great Bill Blass once said....

Preach, Mr. Blass! Because once you are rocking that red, whether it's a nice red top or shoes or even a nice kick-ass red lipstick, there will be no doubt as to how fabulous and beautiful you are. Werk!

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