Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Frugal Files: Finding our Motivating Mantras

“People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing- that’s why we recommend it daily.”
~Zig Ziglar

Lately, I have been lacking the motivation to clear the space and declutter even though there are parts of my life and space that desperately need it.

True story…my home office desk is usually a mess. No matter how many times I attempt to clear the space, I just end up moving clutter for one side to the other; total paper pushing. Unfortunately, the mess is never contained to the actual desk, but the entire surrounding area. A friend, who I have been assisting with shredding old papers, came by last week. Since she knows paper clutter, she set out to help me with this issue. She found a place for everything and put me to work to address the piles and put away the files.

After it was completed, the entire room looked lighter and it was a refreshing to sit at the desk and not have to fight with other objects for arm space. In addition to the office, she addressed my sellable item clutter, as I had things sprawled all over. I decided to dedicate a closet to those items and once they were put away, I almost immediately received an email for the sale for those specific items. I truly believe decluttering, not only figuratively, but literally cleared the space for the new to come in. Thank you Universe for sending over my friend to set me straight and for getting me the sale.

Here are three ways I want to help you (and help me) to get you motivated and keep you motivated to get the junk out of your life, so that you can welcome what you desire!! You should know by now, it will involve your participation. Don’t worry though; it won’t hurt. It will just require your diligence in repeating a few words, a few times daily; some call them affirmations and I call them motivation!!

Whether your help is a prayer, a friend, or a licensed professional, call on them. It’s great when we can solve our own problems, but it is acceptable to lean on others for the support and motivation to take on a task. It’s like when you were learning to ride your bike and you needed training wheels. Then even when they came off, you still may have had to have an adult hold on to the back of your bike until you were steady and ready to finally go at it alone. Getting help builds confidence, so use your resources, as you grow stronger. Your personal life, professional life and financial life will thank you.

Affirmation: I attract those that help me reach my goals and I am happy and motivated when I achieve them.

This isn’t about Nike, but they had the right idea with this slogan. If you just get started then, motivation will meet you half way. Sometimes we get so caught up in the idea of getting motivated that we don’t trust ourselves to provide it. You don’t have to know how to get started; you don’t have to know how it will finish; you don’t need to repeatedly prepare for the idea of getting started. Just simply start and as you take one step, the next step gets easier and before you know it, your achievement will start to unfold before your very eyes. You can do it!!

Affirmation: I stay motivated and energized when working toward my goals.

You’ve heard of the Law of Reciprocity, so set it into motion by being of assistance to someone else. Motivate and help them with their dreams and goals. Not only will you feel good about it, you’re bound to walk away with a motivation to reach toward your own aspirations. In addition to that, you’ve opened the door for someone to step in and assist you. Remember, no good deed goes unrecognized and I promise it will be rewarded.

Affirmation: I am so motivated that others get motivated just by being around me.

This is truly how it works. Ask. Believe. Receive. When you want something better, you have to make room for it in your life. I have been getting unctions for about a week to “Clean it Up”. I believe God has been telling me to do this in all areas of my life and I know it’s specifically because I am in this transitional time in my life. Things are on the verge of happening for me and I have to be ready. Don’t you want to be ready for great things? Listen to that inner voice and move when it says move!! Let’s go for it frugalicious divas!!

Frugalicious Diva

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