Wednesday, June 20, 2012

FFFWeek 2012 Review: A Prelude

*happy sigh*

A week ago today, I was getting ready for what was one of the best four days in my life as  it relates to Belle-Noir: attending Full Figured Fashion Week as part of The Fashion Front, the group of bloggers hand-picked to cover every aspect of the four day long event.

So how was it, you ask? In a word: FABULOUS!
I have SO MUCH to report but there is one thing that stood out above anything else and that is this: ladies, when we find a company that provides clothing that caters to our plus size frames, whether they are a huge retailer, or a small independent company, we must SUPPORT THEM by purchasing clothing from them. We also must talk to them and let them know what we do and do not want when it comes to clothing, style and fit! The companies that were represented at Full Figured Fashion Week all expressed their desire to make sure that we, as plus size consumers, were happy in the items that we buy and that they catered to our every curve! We all will click "Like" on a company's Facebook page, and will follow them on Twitter, but how many of us take the time to go to these social media platforms and let them know when we love something--or when we don't?

One mission that I had was to ask the retailers who took part in the event about a) what sizes their  clothing went up to and b) if it was only up to a certain size, were there any plans on extending the size range in the future? As one of the larger members of the Fashion Front, it was important to me to ask these questions because, as those of us who are on the larger side of plus know, finding the on-trend, fashionable items can be difficult at times. Rest assured, I have QUITE a few designers and brands to introduce (or re-troduce) you to in the coming days & weeks.

As an added BONUS, our Fearless Friday blogger, Marcy Cruz, will also be reporting on Full Figured Fashion Week from a bit of an insider perspective, as Marcy was the coordinator for the Curves in the City two day shopping event during FFFWeek!

Did you attend Full Figured Fashion Week? What were some of your favorite events and brands featured?

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Loris Glassworks said...

Can't wait to read your full report; I will be attending through your eyes and experiences. Looking forward to it...
Lori D.