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The Frugal Files: Daddy's Little Frugal Girls: Enjoy Your Life!!

Memorable Money Words from Daddy
A Musical Tribute to our Fathers on their Day

Welcome back frugalicious folks!! Hopefully you celebrated your Father this past weekend and he is feeling honored!! I attended church with my parents, went out to dinner at his favorite steakhouse, for which my Mom used a coupon (I had back ups, just in case) and later watched the NBA playoffs together. For some reason, we always end up cheering for opposite teams…AND his team won, of course!! LOL Regardless, it was a day that was enjoyed by all and he was especially appreciative of his gifts and time spent with family.

This brings me to our topic this week; it’s more of Daddy’s advice and in my case he has always demonstrated this and gladly passed it on to me and my daughter. Now, in my opinion, you can’t honor your Father and not recognize the awesome woman behind the awesome man, so his advice will be sprinkled with Mom’s words too!! After all, they are a team!! My parental team will be celebrating 35 years in August!! Can’t you tell I’m so proud of them? Yay!!

Mom & Dad said: “Enjoy Your Life”
Dancing In The Street...Martha & The Vandellas

Looking back, I don’t recall many childhood lazy days. I wasn’t a Saturday morning cartoon child on the regular, only occasionally. My mother believed in children making productive use of their time and enjoying life. She had me in several activities during the week like Girl Scouts and other volunteer opportunities and Saturdays were no different. My day went a little something like this:
  • Breakfast at home
  • 9 o’clock ballet class
  • 10 o’clock tap class
  • Lunch at the mall
  • Shopping at Jacobson’s (back when we had a Jacobson’s)
I mentioned before my Mom paid her bills in full, but I didn’t mention that she was and still is very much a planner. She takes inventory of her funds and sets them aside to enjoy the things she wants out of life. I’m sure her way of thinking was the reason we went on vacations every summer and why my parents never miss a family reunion, in or out of town. She and my Dad kept their finances separate and it has and continues to work for them. It’s why I feel strongly that in addition to a joint account for bills, Belles, we need to have our own money on the side. If you have two different money handling styles, you can’t put ALL your eggs in one basket as one day, you might find a completely empty nest.

My Dad’s money style was a bit different. He sometimes acted like money burned a hole in pockets, but there was never a dull moment with him. He spent money on things he and his family enjoyed. He has always been a provider, so the fact that he is generous is pretty much a given. He taught me, as he showed me over and over again, that if you give freely, it will come back to you. Don’t let people borrow money, just give it to them. Then there are no arguments because you will get it back eventually. His guarantee of that was the very first money promise I remember and I cherish it today.

In conclusion, saving money is great. Having money put away for rainy days is awesome. Investing and seeing your money grow is awesome!! However, all the hard work that we put into tending to the growth of our finances means nothing if we never take the time to enjoy the fruits of our labor. If you do just a little planning ahead of time, you can do whatever you want to do. Take that trip you’ve always wanted to; purchase your favorite piece of artwork; open up your dream business. If you work hard, you deserve to play hard too. Enjoy your life!!

Speaking of enjoying your life, summer is the time for you and your children to enjoy the great weather and celebrate that school’s out!! Look for specialty day camps in your area, based on your child’s interests or even have them try something new. Space camp, cooking camp, technology camp, whatever you can find. One year my daughter decided to go to school…for a week long Constructions Careers Camp. She learned about copper pipes and carpentry, where she got to work with her hands. It was a fun learning time and you never know what interest you’ll spark in your child. Have fun this summer and enjoy!!

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