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The Frugal Files: Daddy's Little Frugal Girls: Pay What You Owe!!

Memorable Money Words from Daddy
A Musical Tribute to our Fathers on their Day

Whether we want it or not, we always get advice from our parents, especially our mothers. It may be about boys and relationships, life and career or home and money, but it’s always given in love; no matter how it’s given to us. It’s interesting how as we get older, we do indeed get wiser. As we grow, most of us are fortunate enough to receive words of wisdom from those who have “been there, done that” before we did.

If you’re a Daddy’s Girl, like me, then you also got MORE than your fair share of advice from your biggest cheerleader and cupcake: Daddy!! I thank God that I’m still able to get advice from him, as well as anything else, and he would not have it any other way. So, in a tribute to Black Music Month and our fathers on Father’s Day, let’s examine what advice he’s shared (with sprinkles of Motherly advice), through their words or actions, with us through the years. This month is entitled…”Daddy’s Little Frugal Girls.

I’m partial to girl groups from the 50s/60s (they are my absolute FAVORITE) so that’s whom I’m highlighting in music. It’s because of the legacy of groups like The Shirelles, The Chiffons, The Cookies and The Honey Cone that we continue to see great groups in this lifetime like En Vogue, Brownstone, Xscape and SWV, as well as solo artists like Mary J, Fantasia, and Lauryn Hill. I love music and could go on an on, but the point is, those early groups paved the way, showing class while sharing their gifted harmonies with us.

Daddy (and Mom) said: “Pay What You Owe”
Mama said There’d be Days like This…The Shirelles

I know this song was really about love and relationships, but based on my Mom and Dad’s actions, it was a lesson for me in finances. I didn’t know much about my parents’ financial business until I was grown, so when I learned, I realized my parents had and still have two very different money styles. My Mom was adamant about paying bills and paying them on time. Even if that meant she spent all her money on them and scaled back the rest of the month; the important things were addressed and checked off her list.

I am proud she passed this trait of integrity on to me to pay what I owe. I’m even more elated that I bestowed that gift to my own daughter. Even though there may be some days of financial scarcity, it’s honorable and proper to promptly pay your debts. I took it further because I make it my mission to be and stay debt free.

Even though his style is a little different, Daddy still paid what he owed. As my Deacon Daddy, he truly believes in Romans 13:8, of owing NO man. I always saw that when he did owe, he paid them back swiftly. He never wanted it to be said that he didn’t pay his way or earn his place. In fact, sometimes he even went overheard sharing more than he should, but you’ll never hear anyone call him cheap. That's not his way.

I learned that if you ever have the chance to do for someone else, do it. I think it’s the Pisces in us, but this is exactly how we’re alike, so it’s no doubt he shared that part of his DNA with me. The moral here is to 1) pay your bills, 2) don’t overextend yourself and 3) be generous. Paying what you owe speaks volumes about your character and shows people how much they can trust you. If you can’t pay something, make an arrangement and stick to it. It’s your word that is bond and people have the right to hold you to it.

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Until next time, have a great week!!

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