Tuesday, January 1, 2008

About Belle-Noir Magazine

About Belle-Noir Magazine

Belle-Noir Magazine was originally concepted in August 2003 after a discussion in the Yahoo! Group EbonyBBWsandEbonyGentlemen in which several of the female members voiced their concerns over the lack of representation of BBWs of Color in print media. It was agreed that whether it was a magazine geared towards BBWs or a magazine for Women of Color, women size 14 and over were rarely ever featured at all. Ms. Aja B. Stubbs, seeing the past and recent demise of several magazines for both BBWs and women of color, decided to take her personal goal of starting a magazine to the 21st Century by creating an online publication that would be dedicated to women just like her and the lovely ladies in "Ebz". With the help of several friends in "Ebz" and a lot of determination, Belle-Noir E-zine launched on November 1, 2003 on a Geocities site. The site witnessed 800+ hits in its first month online.

After four successful years as a bi-monthly online magazine, Belle-Noir Magazine now transistions to a blog format in an effort to provide "bakery fresh" content to our readers on a daily basis.

Belle-Noir Magazine's Objectives:
• To promote the positive image of Big Beautiful Women of Color by featuring content (i.e. articles, poetry, photos, etc.) of an informative, entertaining, and inspiring nature, created specifically with the Big Beautiful Woman of Color in mind.

• To support the work and deeds of other individuals who promote size acceptance, the positive portrayal of Big Beautiful Women, and the positive portrayal of women of Color.

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Anonymous said...

Hi There!

My name is Jennifer Galston

I would like to introduce you to a very inspirational black woman that I came across while attending a workshop called 'The Power of Image' on December 17th, 2008. Her Name is Nickolette Reid she is an image developer and a keynote speaker among many other things. I have suggested to her that she should use her skills and teach others not by just speaking around the world which she does, but to now venture into print and and online, I have been a fan of your WISH site for awhile now so I would love to hear back from someone that could direct me to whom I should get Nickolette to speak to because I feel she would be a great person for you to do a feature on. She is the owner of a image developing company called body language communications as well as the founder of a non-profit organization called 'the image architects' giving free work clothing to those less fortunate. She has not only inspired me, but i am sure alot of other people as well, both men and women. She is about empowerment, achieving success and helps those who dont have the means to get the means and to get there. I believe you can get more information about her by contacting her at her email address nreidbookings@gmail.com.

Thank you in adavnce, I promise you this is a story idea your readers will appreciate and you will not regret.

Jennifer G.