Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Full Figure Plus Beauty of the Week Contest

Our good friend Glen over at FullFigurePlus.com, a blog that features information for plus size women and men, is starting a Beauty of the Week Contest as a response to the several emails and inquiries he gets regarding plus size modeling on a daily basis.

"The thought behind this contest is to showcase ladies that want to break into plus size modeling or that are already established and want more exposure" says Glen in the post announcing the contest.

Glen started FullFigurePlus.com not long after Belle-Noir.com was created. He was instrumental in getting Belle-Noir off the ground back in the day and is a freqent contributor when time allows. He was also recently featured in Belle-Noir.com's very first "What A Man" feature.

You can get more information on the contest here. Tell him that Belle-Noir.com sent you.

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