Saturday, February 16, 2008

Food:: Comfort Foods Revisited

Mac & Cheese. Mama's homemade biscuits. Nana's Sweet Potato Pie.

Wikipedia defines "comfort food" as "any food or drink to which one habitually turns for temporary respite, security, or special reward. The reasons that something becomes a comfort food are diverse but include the food's familiarity, simplicity, and/or pleasant associations." All of these are the foods that we have grown up on and can make us feel much better on even the coldest winter days. However, as tasty as these foods are, eating these foods high in butter, oils, and sugars on a regular basis can lead to some serious health conditions. Knowing this, several chefs, including Lindsey Williams, grandson of the Syliva Woods of the famed Sylva's Soul Food Restuarant in harlem, NY and r&b diva and pro in the kitchen Patti Labelle, are taking the recipes that we know and love and making them better for our bodies while leaving all the flavor, and memories of mama's kitchen!

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