Friday, July 11, 2008

The Scene: Will The Real Jennifer Hudson Please Stand Up?

On several blogs and entertainment websites as of late, several people have been commenting on the cover of the new Jennifer Hudson CD, set to be released September 30th. Most people are saying that either J-Hud is the latest victim of the Photoshop Diet or she has been putting some serious work in with a personal trainer, suggesting that she is not the slim woman that is portrayed on the cover.

I wonder if people realize that the Jennifer Hudson that so beautifully portrayed Effie White in Dreamgirls is not the Jennifer Hudson set to take the music industry by storm. It has been said that she actually gained weight, going from a size 14 to a size 20 for the role.

Check out this picture of Jennifer NYE 2008. She doesn't look like a skinny minnie, but I don't think she is Effie-esque either:

At the end of the day, while I can say I don't really care what she looks like, so long as the CD is great, I also hope that she isn't playing into the pressures of the industry to look like everyone else. Yahoo! Music's Lyndsey Parker said it best in her blog about the cover:

"Jennifer looks great the way she is. Do the suits at RCA Records really think she'll shift more units with her head digitally decapitated and then Franksteined onto some skinny mystery body? And do they really think her fans are unobservant enough to overlook such a radical renovation of her famously full figure?

You know, Effie would not stand for this, and neither should Jennifer. Neither should her fans."

It will be interesting to hear what Jennifer has to say about all of this as she starts the media circuit to promote the CD...

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Anonymous said...

I had to look at her album cover no less than 5 times...she's not even that small in the Spotlight video..

I too am interested in here what she has to say.

Love the site!!