Thursday, September 11, 2008

Independent Woman: Krys Nicole

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In this feature column, which celebrates plus size and/or women of Color who follow their own path, we'd like to introduce you to this week's Independent Woman, Ms. Krys Nicole, founder of, a celebrity gossip blog dedicated to plus size celebrities!

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Thank you for taking the time to talk with is. Before we learn more about, we would like our readers to know a little bit more about its creator. Who is Krys Nicole?
Krys Nicole: Thank you for the opportunity! I was born and raised in Southern California so I found out at an early age how superficial this world can be about size. My whole family was thin and any activities I was in as a child I was always the “thick” girl. It was very hard trying to teach myself how to be confident when there was no one at home or in the public eye who looked like me.I started to gain confidence by finding inspiration in Janet Jackson. I know most see Janet now as a thin pop star but back in the 80’s Janet was thicksational! When I saw Janet’s video “Control” I saw a woman who was a reflection of me. Janet had the attitude that nobody could stop her. She was in control of her life and her success no matter what size she wore. Still to this day she is still my inspiration! However, despite my size I was a very popular and involved in school. After graduating from college I started to work in the entertainment industry and it was rough! I experienced a lot of discrimination! It was sad to see how some people are in Hollywood. Everybody looks the same people are desperately trying to get thin even if it takes drastic unhealthy measures to achieve it. I think my experiences in the industry and my life experiences was really the foundation of why I want to make a change in this “cookie cutter” society.

What inspired you to start
Krys Nicole: Well I am an avid blog reader and one day I started to notice that the blogs I read daily did not have a lot of postings about thicksational celebrities unless it was a post bashing them about their weight. So when there was news about plus size celebrities I would email some of the blog owners with the latest info and they would never post the information.Therefore I figured if they wouldn’t post the latest news about celebrities that look like me, I would create a blog focused on thicksational celebrities.

Why do you think the media is so reluctant to feature plus size celebrities unless they are working on current projects?
Krys Nicole: Their size! I wish there was another reason but there isn’t. What’s the difference between Queen Latifah and Beyonce? Queen Latifah is beautifuland talented. She can act, sing, rap, write and produce but for some reason the media does not consider her to be on the same level as thin celebrities. I guarantee if Queen Latifah was a size 2 there would be more hype and focus on her.

What are some of your favorite blogs to read? Do you have a daily“must read”?
Krys Nicole:
To be honest since I’ve created my own blog, I rarely go to other blogs because I am so busy but I do try to visit Clay Cane’s blog often. I think he is very funny but still talks about important issues in the worldof entertainment. I also like the fact that he is old school. He is young but he loves 80’s music like me lol!

Where would you like to see in 5 years?
Krys Nicole:
I see being more than celebrity gossip. I want thicksational women to come to the site and be able to share their stories and vent about what they go through as plus size women. I want women to come on the site and be motivated and to see that it is okay to love who they are and they can still be thicksational at whatever size they wear. I want my blog to have a voice where people will think twice about discriminating against a thick girl because they know that I will put them on blast if they ever discriminate against a thickette! I also want to develop a clothing line. Girl I want to be a plus size mogul! LOL!

What is one quote/saying that gives you inspiration?
Krys Nicole: If you only have faith in God this is the absolute truth – all that is required is that you really believe and have no doubt! You can pray for anything and if you believe you have it; it’s yours!


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What a beautiful blog!! I have to check this out!

Anonymous said...

Krys Nicole is the bomb!