Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Scene: Mo'Nique Making Moves


There has been a lot of speculation equally spread between gossip blogs and plus size blogs about actress & comedian Mo'Nique and her clearly slimmer physique. In the October issue of Essence Magazine, Mo'Nique not only opens up to writer Audrey Edwards about her past sexual abuse, but also about the weight loss:

We should all want to live healthy lives because we don’t want to be in aposition where there are things we can’t do and places we can’t go. My husband said to me one day, `I want you for a lifetime.' Then it clicked that my weight had become a major concern. I wanted to be around for my family."-Mo'Nique as interviewed by Essence Magazine.

Mo'Nique is also set to release a new young adult novel, Beacon Hills High, which is being described as "a coming-of-age story that deals with body image, adjusting to change, and being comfortable in one's skin-issues that definitely affect teenage girls."

Check out the synopsis: Getting into Millwood High, the "tightest" high school in Baltimore, is all that's been consuming thirteen-year-old F.A.T. (Fabulous And Thick, that is) Eboni Michelle Imes. When she's accepted, all that she can think about are four years of fun with her best friends, Michelle, Yolanda, and Charisse-the TTC (the Too Tight Crew).

But life has other plans for Eboni. When her father finally lands his dream job, everyone is excited-except Eboni. While Dad's new business venture means moving the family to glamorous Los Angeles, for Eboni it means moving away from her friends, her crush Vincent, and everything she has ever known.
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I am a long time removed from my "young adult" days, but I am no less eager to check out this book. Mo'Nique is also scheduled to star in the film Push, based on the novel by the same name. Regardless of how she lost her weight, I can't be mad at her for wanting to live a healthier lifestyle for her health's sake. I still consider her Big & Beautiful, and can't wait to see more from her.

What do you think of Mo'Nique's new look?

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Anonymous said...

I think she looks good- I was concerned before that she had the surgery and I was disappointed because I thought perhaps she succumbed to society's thoughts. However, if she did it in a healthy way in order to live a healthier life, I can't hate.

B said...

I am lovin' Mo'Nique's looks and I'm glad that she is making the changes she wants for HERSELF. Definitely checking out that book too. :)

Anonymous said...

Here's a special "shout out" to Mo'Nique for being brave!

Please take a moment and listen to my song, "Tenderness."
The song speaks to accepting love after having been a victim of domestic violence and abuse.

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