Monday, December 15, 2008

12 Days of Diva: Day 11

Today was scheduled to be Day 11 of our 12 Days of Diva, and was supposed to feature Gifts for the Fitness Queen. Two of my fabulous guest bloggers for this event, Plus Model Chenese Lewis and beauty blogger Brittany of were great in offering two suggestions in activewear. And I originally had my own ideas for what I was going to look for when it came to some cool gifts for those ladies who believe that fitness comes in all sizes.

However, as I searched all of my various sites and resources, I was a little disappointed in what I came across in terms of cute athletic wear. Granted, if you are getting all sweaty, who cares what you look like, right? Well, I do. I see our skinny counterparts in adorable matching outfits that are full of bright and vibant colors. Why can't ours be the same? There's one company that I love--Junonia--that has some great clothing for a variety of sports (e.g. tennis, yoga, even surfing). had a few cute things, including one of my picks which you will see below. But other than that? The pickings were slim (no pun intended).

So, while I present our Gifts for the Fitness Queen, I'd love to hear from any of you out there who are fabulously fat and fit. Where do you get your workout gear? What tips would you offer?

Clockwise from the top:
Nike WMNS Shox Saya + Plus Shoes Ipod Ice for Women ($119; "Your iPod becomes a digital pedometer with these Nike Shox. Built in techonology helps you keep track of your distance and speed." -Ms. Aja B.

6-pc. Walking Set ($34.99, “Well if this person is into fitness, they will definitely find something useful in this walking kit. It has a digital pedometer, wrist weighs, cool packs, and a water bottle!”- Plus Model Chenese Lewis

Enell "Hope" Pink Sports Bra ($64.00; "This bra was featured as one of Oprah's Favorite Things and has an extended size range, so that fitness can truly come in all sizes." -Ms. Aja B.

“Eat This Not That” by David Zinczenko and Matt Goulding ($11.97; "This book will keep this fat blasting Queen cognizant of what to eat whether she’s in the kitchen or out and about." -Brittany,


B said...

I think that I qualify as fabulously fat AND fit. LOL, it sounds funny saying that but it's true. I get my work-out gear from Target's clearance racks. Seriously they have work-out pants/capris on sale allll the time; as well as tops. I never spend more than $7 on one item. Old Navy works too when they have sales. When it comes to shoes, I think it's okay to spend the money if you are dedicated fitness junkie. My Nike Shox weren't cheap but they are wonderful!

Anonymous said...

I'm also fat & fit (having lost 70 pounds, but still well over 200). I exercise regularly and work with a trainer. I, too, find most of my stuff at Target, Ross & Marshall's. It means popping in regularly and checking for sizes. You can't always find something when you want it, so you have to buy it when you see it. And I spend big bucks on my shoes...because good foot support is critical. Oh, and don't forget Champion sports bras! Check out their styles (yes, they have a plus size category) and find the amount of support your cup size needs for the kind of workout you do. Then do a often has them on sale as do others! They last for years, so they're worth the investment....especially for your comfort.

Unknown said...

@B and @ Lauri: Thank you so much ladies for the comments!

I agree that spending a little extra on shoes is important. I honestly didn't think about Target for workout gear. I'll have to try them out. And I forgot all about Champion. I appreciate the tips.

Hccm said...

Okay I am not PHAT i hate the other spelling, but please don't kick me out. this site rocks!

MarieDenee said...

Hello hello!

I was reading your article (which I loved) and I read how it is hard to find plus size workout gear. I know of another site that you will find lovely! Go Figure is a site that caters to plus size women who desire attractive, suuportive, stylish, and functional items! I hope this helps!

Marie Denee
" Never let your curves define your style, let you Style Define your Curves"

Anonymous said...

just found you and adore your blog!

love your positivity---it is so lacking at many blogs around the net!

supersize spanishfly said...

I go to the gym about three times a week and I absolutely adore the Puma suits that I see the smaller women wearing but I found some great alternative suits in Fashion bug, not as trendy but nice colors and flattering lengths (not all of us full gals can wear tops that stop at our waist) the jackets actually covered up my Kangaroo pouch (ladies, I know you feel my pain)Now I love junonia as well, the quality of their outfits are excellent but the prices (single mom, just making it every month) i can't do it but I have and they do last but so do the Fashion bug and I also got a nice Khaki and baby blue( I usually don't do light colors) suit from my local corner salesman.
Footwear ladies, New Balance for fit and comfort and durability but they are a little chunky but hold me up (I suffer from flatfoot pain)
and I have begun wearing a girldle to the gym, all that wiggling and jiggling on the bike and treadmill were causing good vibrations (I turned many heads for one reason or another) and I go to Lucille