Thursday, January 1, 2009

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Belle-Noir Magazine is pleased to announce several opportunities to advertise to our curvy readers. Rates are very affordable because we want to give merchants an opportunity to advertise without breaking the bank.

Premium Sponsorship Space
Size: 468 x 60
Location: Above Blog Entries (Header Area)
Pages: Site wide
Exposure Type: Rotating (4 slots per month)
Additional Exposure:
• A dedicated email blast about your product/company/service featuring an advertisement to our mailing list (to be delivered 1st Saturday of the month)
Price: $125.00/month (2 month minimum)

Content Sponsorship Space
Size: 125 x 125
Location: Right Sidebar
Pages: Sitewide
Duration: 2 Month Minimum
Exposure Type: Rotating (4 spaces available; 2 rotating ads per space)
Additional Exposure:
• A text link as part of a dedicated email blast at the beginning of the month featuring all of the month’s sponsors (to be delivered the 1st Saturday of each month).

The Holiday shopping season will be here in no time! Promote your business and products by purchasing advertising space on Belle-Noir Magazine. Limited space is available so please order now!

Ads will start running as of December 1, 2008.

For More Information and to reserve your advertising space with Belle-Noir Magazine, please email us at