Monday, January 5, 2009

Beautiful You Monday: Baby, It's Cold Outside!

Baby It's Cold Outside!
by Isabella Murphy

The new start of winter has to be that moment where the oils we took for granted all year long finally decide to leave the building. Dry skin is a problem that can happen to anyone, but you don't have to suffer alone.

The solution to dry skin is to give your skin what it's been craving: moisture!

But what causes our little problem in the first place?

Dry skin is caused by a lack of moisture in the skin. The general conditions of winter -- harsh winds, dry heat, and cold temperatures -- take their toll on our delicate skin, making it feel rough, cracked, and very dry.

It is important to also note the more unseen factors that cause dry skin: stress, food, and lifestyle. If we aren't getting the water we need, our skin will tell the story. Our diets are also part of the equation -- insufficient amounts of protein accelerate the aging process.

Undocumented allergies from "classic" trigger foods such as chocolate, caffeine, shellfish, and soda may also rob you o the skin you deserve.

It's important to get enough sleep, eat a sensible diet, and manage stress properly. It may seem like you hear this all the time -- why not turn this advice into action, for your skin's sake?

No beauty solution would be complete without the products. While I'm leaving the names up to you -- as I believe that luxury, style, and effectiveness is highly subjective -- I do want to give some guidelines when you're at the store. Choose an exfoliating product as well as a moisturizing product. You must exfoliate your skin regularly in order to remove dry, dead skin cells and allow your body to truly reap the benefits of the moisturizer. It's all about maximum benefits in the war against dry skin!

No matter what type of exfoliating product you pick, be sure to get a rich cream to really replenish the mositure content in your skin. If you get in a bind during your search, try to look for samples. If you can, avoid fragrances -- they can irritate skin. Squeeze some of the sample out into your hand and see how it feels. If you don't like how it feels, chances are that you aren't going to want to apply it every day.

Last tip. Now that you've gotten the perfect moisturizer, make sure you apply it where it counts! That means instead of squeezing the product into your hand and rubbing it around, try to apply it to your fingers, and directly pat it on your face, arms, neck, or wherever needs moisturizing. This allows the product to go where it needs to go, instead of getting wasted during prep time. Repeat for every inch of you for sparkling results that'll survive even the toughest winter!

Stay luxuriously warm...and deluxe!

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