Monday, February 16, 2009

Beautiful You Monday: In LOVE


I have to give a huge shout out to lovely plus size fashionista & blogger over at Fat Girls Like Nice Clothes Too, as it was her post that introduced me to a new Fashion Mag that I am now on a mission to get a copy of when it launches this week!

Introducing....LOVE Magazine!
According the the mag's official Facebook page, LOVE Magazine " the new biannual magazine from Katie Grand and Conde Nast. Love is more than just a fashion magazine. Love is a twice-yearly compendium of inspiration - for designers, for artists, for anyone looking for visual ideas; for anyone who loves fashion and design so much that they want to climb inside the heads of their heroes. Love doesn't follow fashion: it sets fashion's agenda."

If their inaugural cover with plus size Indie Rocker Beth Ditto is any indication, then I am super excited and can only hope that those in charge of LOVE will bring it to the US. For now, we can read all about their process of getting LOVE on the news stands of the UK by visiting the LOVE blog.

The UK seems to "get it" when it comes to fashion & lifestyle magazines for plus size women. I am also in the process of getting my hands on a copy of So Esteem Magazine where there motto is: "Where Size Doesn't Matter". Indeed!

What do you think ladies? Do you think that the US fashion mags will ever be as bold as LOVE Magazine is being with their first cover? Will we ever get a high quality print fashion magazine for plus size ladies on the newsstands here in the US?


Glen said...

Im down for that picture. Makes quite the positive statement.

Anonymous said...

I think Beth Ditto is pretty cool and it's fabulous to see her on that cover.