Monday, June 29, 2009

A Note from Ms. Aja B. : Full Figured Fashion Week

Dear Readers,

Wow is all I can say about Full Figured Fashion Week, which busted down the door here in NYC June 25-27, 2009. Much applause and praise for Ms. Gwen DeVoe and her DeVoe Signature Events team for what I heard was a breathtaking and awe-inspiring Finale Showcase.

I can hear some of you saying "For what she heard? You mean to tell me that after all of the promotion and telling us that we need to be there, Ms. Aja B. herself missed the Finale?"

In a word: Yes.

Sometimes things don't work out as expected. My day job, life, family...all play a role sometimes in helping us make decisions that we wish we didn't have to make. But those that know me also know that my day job and family mean the world to me, and even something as fabulously eventful as Full Figured Fashion Week couldn't tear me away from them 100%.

I did, however, keep my word to my Curvy Collective Sister & new friend, Johara Tucker of Luvin My Curves, who did a phenomenal job in putting together, in conjunction with Ms. Marie Denee of The Curvy Fashionista, "The State of the Curvy Community" Panel Discussion and the too-hot-and-completely-awesome-for-words "Curves in the City" Shopping Soiree. I had a chance to meet Mr. Glen Johnson from Full Figure Plus, who was one of a handful of people in a Yahoo Group almost six years ago that helped Belle-Noir find her name and her voice. And I had a chance to meet two fabulous sisters our of Detroit--Cassy J. McBryde and Stephanie Danforth--who I am looking forward to working with in the very near future on some surprises for both Belle-Noir and Curve & Cocktails!

I will be giving full reports of these two events this week, as I think they were an equally important part to what was a wonderful week of plus size love and celebration. And as my Curvy Collective Partners in crime post their recaps of the events that I missed, I will be sure to post links to them! You can check out their blogs underneath the Curvy Collective Banner.

If there was one thing that I took away from Full Figured Fashion Week, it was that if we cannot wait for the mainstream to shine a spotlight on the plus community. We have to celebrate all that we are everyday! Kudos to Ms. Gwen DeVoe for always taking on the challenge, and coming out on top! The pictures I have seen so far, while beautiful, I'm sure do not do the event due justice. Can't wait until the next one, where I hope to be present from the Opening Reception until the DJ puts us out of the Finale Afterparty!

Peace & Love,
Ms. Aja B.

The Curvy Collective at the conclusion of "The State of the Curvy Community" Panel

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***Edited 7/1/09 11:55am*** Bravo to Newsweek for being one of a few mainstream media outlets to cover Full Figured Fashion Week! Check out the clip featuring and interview with The Original Runway Diva, Ms. Sharon Quinn, as well as clips from the Finale and the Welcome Reception at ReDress NYC! If the video doesn't load on our page, you can also view it here.

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Glen said...


It is still hard to believe that it has been six years since we both started our journey. It was great meeting you at the panel discussion and great working with you and the rest of the collective! Be good see you next year at FFF Week!