Monday, July 20, 2009

Beautiful You Monday: The Fuller Woman Expo

Ladies, how often have you gone to huge expo events, only to leave disappointed in the lack of plus size representation? I know I have gone to events such as Black Expo and the Circle of Sisters and wondered aloud, "Where are all of the plus size companies?"

The answer is in the event created by Ms. Georgia Greenwood--The Fuller Woman Expo. What started out in Canada is now coming home to the US and will be hosting its first US Expo in Detroit on September 19, 2009. The Fuller Woman Expo is an empowering event embracing women for who they are and uplifting them with a positive approach. This year the Fuller Woman Expo is being held at COBO Hall and Exhibition Center from 10am-5pm.

Following the tremendous success of the first ever plus size woman consumer trade show in Canada, Georgia Greenwood of Toronto met Cassandra Jones-McBryde, a like minded plus size model advocate based out of Detroit, MI. Through numerous conversations both women discovered their shared goals and set out to bring the impact felt in Canada, to women in the United States.

The 3rd International Fuller Woman Expo will feature over 40 exhibits of the very best products and services including items pertaining to fashion, beauty, health, fitness, home, career, financial planning, education and much more. Attendees will also enjoy a full schedule of speakers, book signings, live musical performances, celebrity appearances, and cooking and design demonstrations. In addition, Lane Bryant (a subsidiary of Charming Shoppes) the leading plus size women’s retailer has signed on as a corporate sponsor for the Fuller Woman Expo.

Immediately following the Expo the Fuller Woman Network will present "Full Of Fashion", a fashion showcase featuring lovely models, from TFW Network, walking the runway with confidence and poise in some of the industry's top clothing lines and designers.

By bringing this trailblazing event to the United States, The Fuller Woman Network intends to change the way people regard size. According to TFW Expo Founder, Georgia Greenwood, “We are all different, some are tall some short some Black, White, Asian, slim or fat and that's the way it will always be. Once people truly begin to realize this, racism and size-ism will be eliminated and The Fuller Woman Expo is a step in that direction.”

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