Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Scene: Abby Z. Sexy at Every Size on HSN!

We were so happy to receive the following message from plus fashion designer Abby Z.:

"I'm going to be on HSN (Home Shopping Network) starting TOMORROW...offering an opportunity for YOU to shop for my "wear now" designs-in ALL SIZES ( Sizes 2-24) & GREAT prices!!( $40.00-$90.00 RETAIL)

The Show "Abby Z...Sexy at Every Size" premieres live nationwide tomorrow:
Friday, September 18!

Here's the schedule again for the three segments I'll be hosting tommorrow:
• East coast times are 9am, 8pm, and 2am
• West coast times are 6am, 5pm and 11pm
Please check your TV Guide for local listing so you don't miss out! Choose a time that's good for you and get the girls together for an at-home shopping event! If you're out of town or running around tomorrow and can't tune in, don't worry! You can shop instead on

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I'm proud for this designer, but this is why I'm in school to become a fashion designer myself because majority of the designers stop at size 24. I'm a 26 in pants, I might be able to fit her shirts.