Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Empower U: New Year's Resolutions With a Difference

New Year's Resolutions With A Difference - 7 Questions That Can Help You Get What You Want in 2011 by Sue Clement

During the Holiday Season, with New Year rapidly approaching, many of us go through that same old annual ritual -- we make New Year's Resolutions. And in January, there's the second ritual: We break them faster than we made them. This year, why not do something different, and get set to grow your business!

This time, let's approach the whole resolution thing with a new attitude. Instead of just pulling the old ones back out of the hat, let's try something new. Let's set aside an hour or two and really think about the following:

1) The best and most exciting moments of this year?
What were the best moments of 2010? What happened that gets you excited even thinking about it. Write it down. Capturing those magic moments will give you momentum for the coming years.

2) What were all the things you accomplished?
In addition to those magic moments, there were lots more thing you did and accomplished. Make a list.
3) What worked?
Add anything else to your list that worked well over the past year.

4) What did not work?
Now we are going to get to the tough part: What did not work. What would you do differently if you could? Take some time and really think it through.

5) What are you committed to for the new year?
Okay, this one comes close to the old kinds of New Year's resolutions. But it's a bit different. You're not going to focus so much on losing weight and becoming a better person, but you're making a commitment to make the new year work better -- and make those things happen that you want in your life and your business.

6) Which one or two rituals would best support you?
Set up a ritual or several that will help you achieve what you just committed to. Whether it's to drink a glass of water first thing in the morning or spending a few minutes each morning and night writing a gratitude list, set up a few things you are going to do, every day, so they will become a habit by the time it's February or March.

Make those be things that will help you achieve what you want to achieve by giving you energy, by inspiring you, by improving your relationships with your loved ones, and by improving your bottom line and by helping you grow your business.

7) How will your new year turn out?
Every new year gives us a new opportunity to make the changes we want to make. New Year's resolutions done the right way can help us with that. After all, how the coming year will turn out is up to you. Spending some time reflecting on what you want to happen and then getting off on the right foot can help you get there.

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