Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A Note From Ms. Aja B.: Why We Support The Full Body Project

Hi Ladies,

Belle-Noir Magazine is proud to announce our support as a media sponsor  of  The Full Body Project. Created by Jessica Kane (one of the dynamic duo behind the Plus Fashion & Style magazine Skorch Magazine), this project aims to show plus size women that they are "more than a head shot".

Here is more from the initiative's founder:
"What is the Full Body Photo Project? A virtual community of women who upload their full body photos to show they love themselves!

I am me, and I am awesome. I'm going to surround myself with positivity and eventually I will succeed in my goals, whether business, life, or health. Stop being so hard on yourself and stop judging. Love YOU be the best person you can be.

I started this project as a grass roots empowerment campaign in 2010 to empower women to love their bodies. As a plus size woman and blogger, I realized the power of a full body photo and how we could use them to help us accept and love our bodies! The 2011 Campaign push is coming Oct. 3rd to Oct. 14, and sponsored by the biggest names in the plus size industry!" - Jessica Kane

How do I join?
Upload your full body photo to the wall of this facebook page! That's it! And, as a member, you have the chance to have your photo appear in SKORCH Magazine!!
Join the following companies:
Avenue - Fashion's Night Out VIP Gift Bag $200
Ulla Popken - One $50 Gift Card

IGIGI - One $50 Gift Card
Shop Translated
Lane Bryant - Two $100 Gift Cards - New Style Top $50
SVOBODA - One Pair of Denim & S/H $180
Fashion to Figure Hips and Curves - One $50 Gift Card
Sealed with a KISS Designs - One $75 Gift Card
Isha Couture - Plus Size Halloween Costume $50
Bellisima - One $75 Gift Card
Bennett's Boots - Four $100 Gift Cards
Cassaundra's Clothing Boutique - One $150 Gift Card
Dianne Brill Cosmetics - Two $120 Lip & Eye Goody Bags
Queen Grace - One $100 Gift Card

When Jessica approached me and several of the other plus size publications about this initiative, and asked us for our support, I felt obligated to have Belle-Noir Magazine support it. From a business standpoint, I am sure that a lot of people would not have done it. I hear a lot of talk about "competitors" and how because since we are all working to attract the same audience, promoting each others publications just can't happen. I've even been told "Well, you don't see Vogue running advertisements for InStyle or Cosmo, so why would you promote another plus size publication." I've also been told, "[Insert name of several publications here] wouldn't do the same for you & Belle-Noir."

I personally feel that when we get into that matter of thinking, that is when it creates division within the plus size community. I respect the plus industry. I respect it as a lucrative business. But I also recognize the importance of community. Call me crazy, but if we don't stick together, who else is going to support us? The mainstream media? *insert side eye here*

Ladies, I encourage you to head over to, and join the contest. You not only stand to win some great prizes over the next few days, but you also will be taking a stand and showing the world that plus size women are, indeed, beautiful, in all shapes and sizes. And if you do head over there, be sure to tell them that Belle-Noir Magazine sent ya!

Good luck to all who post their photos! Hope you win something fab! <3

Peace & Love,
Ms. Aja B.

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