Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Frugal Files: Forget V-Day, Celebrate Tomorrow

Imagine this...

Soft rose petals, sultry music and candlelight
He comes over to you with a delectable chocolate kiss
and a glass of your favorite wine. The bubbles tickle your nose.
He's prepared your favorite meal and asks you to sit down.
He wants to exchange your gifts before you eat, so he 
reaches for a tiny bag and as you reach for it...

...the alarm clock abruptly wakes you
and you gasp,

"It's Valentine's Day!!"

Ladies, how could you let it sneak up on you AGAIN this year? You are always reminding him how much you want him to be romantic and you don't even think to return the favor? Uh oh, so what do you do?

I say, simply wait. There's plenty of good reasons to delay V-Day. Let's investigate my Top 5 reasons to give Valentine's Day ON Valentine's Day, the kiss off!!

5. It's so cliche...every year this holiday creeps up on us. Even though it comes on the same day every year, people always forget or wait until the last minute. As a result, you get gifts that have no real meaning; just the drug store candy in a heart-shaped box and a Hallmark. You don't want to go to work tomorrow and be able to say to your co-worker,

Roses are red, Violets are blue
Did you get a dozen roses and a box of chocolate too?'

Enough said. Try something else. Save the money and the drama. Pick your favorite book of poems from the library and spend the evening reading each other the juiciest words of love you can find. Then make up your own and hit the sheets...

4. It's mundane. Unless you're at a milestone in your relationship or your boo is REALLY into holidays, this holiday is the epitome of "same ol', same ol' behavior. You get the same ol' kiss/greeting, same ol' candy and card, same ol' dinner and a movie and the same ol' sigh of relief when it's over. Where is the excitement in that? Opt instead to do an extreme activity you and your honey has never done, like white water rafting on the weekend or even indoor rock climbing. It's fun, unpredictable and will bring the two of you closer, having shared this experience. Create exciting memories!!

3. It's lonely. This is for my single sisters. How many times have you "noticed" the guys seem to show no love on this day for lovers. It seems sometimes, men just disappear. This is a reality for some and unfortunately, some people base their worth on whether or not they have a "valentine". Not this year!! If you MUST celebrate, then enjoy a homemade candlelight dinner for one, pick up a bouquet of your favorite flowers and enjoy your scrumptious white chocolate ganache truffles. Love yourself honey!!

2. It's stressful. Men feel the pressure of getting something extravagant that will keep him out of the dog house. Attached women worry if he'll get her something she likes, basing how romantic he is on the gift he gets on this particular day. Single women are under pressure to either get a valentine or appear to be okay with the fact that she didn't have a valentine or get anything. No ONE day should have that much power. Take the stress off and dare to skip it this year!! Vow to show love to each other and yourself daily, so that this one day doesn't take a toll on you. Better yet, make this day about your children. Take pink and red cupcakes to their class and enjoy their smiling faces.

1. It's expensive. I saw on the news that a local chocolatier was dealing with price increases in their supplies. Because they get the most business during holidays like this, that means that as the consumer, YOU'RE paying for that increase.

If you choose instead to celebrate tomorrow or later in the week, you can get your specialty chocolate fix for half price!! Let the suckers pay astronomically for their suckers, while you save money at the business' expense. After today is over, they need to get rid of the stuff!!

Are you convinced to do a new thing this year? It's okay if you like celebrating holidays on holidays, but just remember you can (and should) express love for your family, friends and honey on every day of the year. This is a nice day to highlight love, but not the measure for how much you love or adore someone. Whatever you decide to do, enjoy yourself, smile and be the beautiful Belle you were created to be.

Happy Valentine's Day
Frugalicious Diva

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