Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Frugal Files: Respect Your Money; It'll Reciprocate!!

Welcome back to the Frugal Files!!

We're spring cleaning around here; learning how to tend to our money so, like the flowers in the springtime, it will grow and flourish. I know we see cliches and clever sayings all the time about "getting our money right", "taking care of our money" and "letting our money work for us", but if you apply a few simple principles those things really can come to fruition.

If we truly want to obtain wealth, we have to look at it different than we have in the past. Really, if you're not where you want to be financially, how well are those current thought patterns working for you? I'll wait...

Okay, well then, let's chat!! Years ago, I remember watching a video from one of my favorite money gurus, Suze Orman. It was an older video with late 80s/early 90s hair and dresses, but the advice I took away from that video was not only timeless, it was priceless (literally, it was a library video; just had to add my frugal spin)!! That advice seriously changed my life and my mind about money and it's relation to my life. Since then, I've been on a path to RESPECTING MY MONEY!!

Having respect for money can be determined any way you like because it is exactly how it sounds. Respect it like you would a person you love. That may sound crazy to some, but if you've practiced this, then you know it's not crazy at all; it's imperative to your money life. It's the Law of Attraction and whether you are versed in it or not, you live it out every day of your life regarding yourself, your family, your career, your own happiness and of course your financial existence. Whatever you are feeling about your money, it will react to you based on those feelings.

Want to foster a good, positive relationship with yours? Then take heed to the following advice:

1) Expect to have it. This is self-explanatory. Simply EXPECT to have money; in your pockets, your wallets, your bank accounts, etc. Develop the feeling of what it's like to have the amount of money you desire. Instead of complaining about "all these bills", envision money constantly coming to you. Things may not go your way all the time, but does that mean you should expect bad things? Try changing your mind and expecting the good. Wake up and face the day with gratitude for what you do have, then the good will begin and continue to flow.

Here's an easy affirmation you can use several times daily:
"Money comes easily and frequently." Say it, believe, expect it!!

2) Speak good to it and of it. Speaking of affirmations, adopting them into your fiscal life will prove to be profitable...literally. Even before I really starting using them, there were signs that I should watch what I say about myself and of course my money. This is one quote I found and it resonated in me so heavily, I had to take it seriously. It is by Brian Tracy, a self-help author and motivational speaker.
"Never say anything about yourself you do not want to come true".

These word truly motivated me to change my words, so I gave my vocabulary an upgrade, especially when it came to my finances. I removed words of lack like "broke" and "poor" along with the "I ain't got it" mentality. I replaced them with positive affirmations and a wealthy living mindset. Adding "prosperity" and "abundance" proved to give me a lift in spirits and it showed in my wallet.

3) Physically treat it well. Take a look in your wallet or wherever you keep your money. How does it look? Do you have bills all over the place? Crumpled and torn? What about your checkbook; is it balanced? Do you know how much you have available at any given time?

If your money is out of order, take a look at your life. Is it out of order too? Chances are, it is. If your money is wayward, so is your life. When you take time to learn about it, neatly put it in your wallet, balance your checkbook and review your bank account, life will follow suit and be easier. If you are not where you want to be financially, organizing your money is the way to begin the wealth journey. Order allows you to address issues directly instead of being forever bogged down with searching for this receipt or trying to recall where you put that $20.00 you had earlier.
Learn to respect your money and your money really will respect you back; growing to it's fullest potential. Since we're getting organized, you will be in position to address next week's topic: credit reports. Again, we are getting finances in order this spring. We will see the growth and the fiscal bloom before you know it. See you next week.

Frugalicious Diva

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