Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Frugal Files: DIY Challenge: Do It Yourself Decor

Hey there frugalicious ones!! I’m so excited about this week’s topic because it’s one of my favorite things to do since purchasing a house. It’s still May, so Belles, we are doing it our way, DIY style!! Last week we learned how to create natural, healthy, homemade products for our hair and our bodies. I hope you have given yourselves daily mini spa days since then.

It’s still Spring cleaning time and sometimes we get bored with what we currently see. Let’s do some DIY home makeovers within your budget!! Thumbing through a catalog will have us believe we can’t afford to do something new in our homes, but it’s so not the case. We can decorate, not really on a dime, but for just a few dollars.

I’m sharing tips I’ve learned and implemented, so you can change up your room too. Let’s start with your Living Room. When I wanted to change up my room, it was really a matter of rearranging the furniture, so I suggest you do the same. Change it around to create a new look. Then, just like when we wear our trusty black dresses, let’s jazz it up with accessories. Try these ideas on for size:
-         Set a vase and picture next to a lamp
-         Add or change an area rug under your coffee table
-         Move a floor lamp from one space to another corner
-         Add new pillows to your sofa or love seat
-         Place a chess board to the middle of your coffee table
Have trinkets you don’t know where to put? Add them as decoration on your mantle or tables in the room. It adds a personal touch.

For the Dining Room, sometimes adding a rug or a tablecloth changes the entire look of the room. That’s great for the center, but try out these accents:
-         adding a storage box to an empty corner
-         placing an artificial tree in one of the corners
-         keeping your table set with a bowl of fruit and chargers

Don’t have a home office? Use a portion of your dining room by getting a corner desk with shelves. It can match the décor of the overall room, but it is a space of its own. Add a cork Vision Board to this “office” and you are ready to realize your goals, from home.

Often, we have miscellaneous items like table vases, artificial flowers, books, frames and baskets just sitting around the house. Be creative and put them in places you never imagined. For instance, cover a chair stool with a long scarf or piece of fabric, and it doubles as a plant stand. Bookcase a little bare? Use it to showcase your library books, a miscellaneous painting or even your vintage magazines.

Thrifting is great to use in our re-décor efforts. First, be on the look out for anyone decluttering on Freecycle. If folks are giving away home décor, ask for it. You can also place your WANT there and if they have it, may give it to you. I’ve personally gotten great decorations from my local freecycle including wicker, frames and candles.

When that’s not enough, head to the thrift shops. Just walking around will get your creative decorating juices flowing. If you venture to Savers, take a donation of your items as you’ll get a coupon, along with your tax deduction slip. $3.00 off of $10.00 spent will come in handy. There you can find items to spruce up your place:
-         a unique clock that would look perfect on your kitchen wall
-         wooden bowls to accent a table
-         faux fruit to use for decoration (I have pears and grapes)
-         frames or shadow boxes to put your favorite artwork set in
-         glasses, vases, and wind chimes galore can be found here

Lastly, if you’re willing to spend more, head to Craigslist. Here you just might find rare finds for less. Perhaps placing a standing globe in your living room or den to fill an open space. Maybe a bathroom rug set to help you spruce up your facilities without painting. If you must paint, check out Home Depot’s Oops Paint. If you’re not picky about color, then take advantage of someone else’s mistake and pay less for your paint.

There’s always a way to redecorate for less. You know your personality and your style, so who can do it better than you? Do it yourself!! Enjoy your week!!

Frugalicious Diva
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