Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Frugal Files: Defending Frugal!!

Welcome back to The Frugal Files!! I love giving my thoughts about this subject I love so dearly!! I appreciate this platform to share ways to improve our lives without destroying our wallets. We can live a fabulous and fulfilling life that is frugal. In fact, because we‘re frugal, is the reason we can have a full life.

Last week we went deep into our issues with holding on. This week I want to combat some of the thought patterns I’ve encountered while on this journey of frugaliciousness. These are words spoken in conversations about living frugally and embracing frugalness. There are many things where the phrase, “it’s not for everyone” might apply, but frugal living is not one of them. Even the most wealthy people can be, and in some cases are, the most frugal. For some, it’s the reason they stay wealthy.

I’ve learned in my journey, that’s it’s not a “thing I do”, it’s a way of life; who I am. So with that, let me get to the objections and I will give you my take on them as I defend FRUGAL!!

Let’s start with the simplest objection: “I don’t know how.” Okay, I get it, but before you learned to ride a bike, drive a car, use the internet, pay your bills…you didn’t know how. LEARN how. It’s your journey, go at your own pace. The library has information on every subject known to man and so does the internet. In fact, the greatest thing about the internet is that you’ll discover someone else in this big ol’ world wanted to learn it too and when they did, they shared. Read blogs (you’re here right?), grab a few books, watch videos. You’ll be on your way to learning in no time.

One of my favorite excuses is “It’s too much work.” I find that interesting because people “work” everyday. Why are people completely content with working at a job that benefits someone else, but not willing to invest time to benefit themselves and their families? I don’t get it. If you put in the time, you’ll reap the rewards long term. For instance, learning to save in a retirement fund now, will keep you from experiencing total financial hardship later.

Just like the last, another favorite is “I don’t have time.” I hear this almost daily. People say they love how I save money, love the deals I post; awesome for me…as if they can’t do the same thing. Oh, they don’t have time. So instead they make time to spend more. I guess they have time to work overtime; to pay more on every trip to the market, every vacation and every drive to family’s house. Listen, saving money is time consuming, however it’s an investment in YOU and your family. Do yourself and them a favor and learn how to coupon and look for deals. You don’t have to become an extreme couponer, but taking a little time upfront to save in the long run is not too much to ask. You can incorporate the entire family, since everyone benefits.

Then there’s this variation of “I want the best” and “I want what I want”. Who says you can’t have the best or what you want? I have a bachelor cousin who is super flashy. He loves his cars and electronic toys and golf. As spendthrift as he is, do you think he turned down the Groupon link I gave him for a 56% discount off 18 holes for two (that included the cart rental) at a country club? I think not!! See, it’s not about being cheap and not enjoying life. It’s about enjoying it while spending less!! That’s proof it can be done.

This last objection is absolutely hilarious to me because someone tried to use psychology and my OWN words against me for argument’s sake. I don’t have to tell you they lost the argument…but I digress. You all know I am very big on affirmations and speaking positively about our lives. I love and believe the Brian Tracy quote: “Never say anything about yourself you do not want to come true.” Because of this mindset, I avoid poverty-laced words about my life and finances. I often urge others to do the same.

When people say they’re broke, I respond, “and so it shall be.” You can’t speak lack and expect abundance. So when this person asked, facetiously I might add, “Isn’t being frugal a poverty mindset?” I actually laughed out loud, to which I responded with a wink, “so are you saying I need to spend more in order to be wealthy? That doesn’t make sense.”

Even though lack may be the reason for becoming frugal, it doesn’t mean that your mindset is one of poverty. It means that you may have limited resources and you are simply being a good steward over the resources you do have. Learning to be frugal and using those resources become not only a way to save, but a way toward increase in your life. There is NO objection or excuse to make me leave this frugalicious life. It’s in me and you can put it in you.

So people can say whatever they want because frugal is my friend that I’ll defend ‘til the end. It’s been a good friend to me and I love learning more about it, introducing it to others and watching our circle of friends grow exponentially!!

Until next time!!

Frugalicious Diva
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