Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Frugal Files: Substitute to Save: Re-Purpose Round Up!!

Hey frugal folks!!

We’re back in The Frugal Files; our Substitute to Save series. This week while thinking about what to write, so many ideas came to mind. So many, in fact, I declare this week our Re-Purpose Round Up!! From Fashion to Home, I’m going to share some ways either people I know or I myself have re-purposed our belongings. You’re bound to find something that works for you!!

* Turn your old jewelry into treasures again. Make necklaces bracelets or ankle bracelets. If the bangle doesn't fit or you don't like your hoop earrings anymore, use them on your wall as drapery holders. Or on your formal table, use them as napkin holders. Be creative; paint or bedazzle them for added sparkle.

*Do you remember shoe clips? Still have some? Guess what? They double as hair accessories and clothes accessories. Jazz up a plain blouse with a clip and strut yourself to work or into your business meeting!!

* Always the bridesmaid and have beau coup dresses? Go from bridesmaid to Beauty Queen. I had a gorgeous gown from a friend's wedding. It was the color of wine with a bodice top. It had a shawl, that I turned into puffy sleeves and used it as a pageant dress. No need to buy ANOTHER dress I'll never wear again. I just used what I had and I suggest you do the same with yours. Give them another life!!

* I helped a friend declutter her daughter's old room and ran across last year's school binder. It had a zipper, plenty of space and just by chance, it was time for me to upgrade my coupon binder. So instead of putting it in the freecycle pile, she gifted it to me!! Score!! Free and Re-purposed; from studying to storing, and of course, SAVING!!

* You know, your picture photo album, with no pictures, can also be used as a coupon book to keep your coupons in. I've seen this method and it's very easy to find and store coupons!!

* Have a hankering for Sloppy Joes tonight and you're out of Manwich? Well, never fear, other condiments are here!! Make your own by mixing ketchup and mustard together with your meat. Add a few diced onions and voila!! Like them a sweet? Use barbecue sauce instead of ketchup. Another tip: if you're running low, tap into your restaurant condiment stash.

* Want it grilled, but no charcoal? Skip the outside and pull out your Foreman grill. It will give you the grilled taste without the heat or the expense of full fledged grilling!! It will grill ANYTHING!!

* Looking for a tasty, decadent dessert without the extra calories? Substitute Greek yogurt for your beloved ice cream. You still get a great dessert and it's healthy!!

* If you keep your old Christmas cards in a bin in your basement. Arrange them, take a picture and tear (or cut is you're neat) in half. Use them as holiday postcards to send to family and friends. It's a frugal and easy way to spread holiday cheer.

* One of my coupon friends is planning to do this next one. Remember that old chandelier? It may be  outdated for your home, but not for a festive outing. Clean it up, polish it and paint it for an elegant wedding or birthday cake/cupcake holder. It's the most creative thing I've seen in while!!

* Towels are expensive, so even when it looks like they are dead, be sure to breath new life into them. Designate them as your pet only towels or specifically for when getting your car washed. If they are a great terry cloth, cut them up to use as your dusting rags. No need to buy disposable when you have plenty of terry at home.

* If you just have some general craft stuff laying around, see if there's an art business that will use your recyclable art. Here we have a place called Scrap for Art and they are the re-purpose gurus when it comes to anything art related.

* Lastly, if you're a couponer like me, then you have boatloads of toothpaste in your stockpile. (I currently have 30+ and I donate monthly). This is my FAVORITE article on re-purposing a household item. Look just how many times you can re-purpose toothpaste!! Check it out: Endless Ways to Use Toothpaste

Hope you found some ways to use and reuse what you already have!! Save on everything you need in life by just looking at it a different way; re-purposing your stuff!! Share your re-purposing adventures with me on  Facebook or Twitter!! Until next time!!

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