Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Frugal Files: Last Minute Tips of Summer

Good morning folks!!

I apologize for the delay in my blog, but sometimes life just gets in the way. Juggling careers, kids and homes, plus trying to maintain Diva status…I know you Belles feel where I’m coming from and it’s not easy, but very possible!!

Anyway, let’s jump right on in. Last week, we talked about how we can save money with our children’s schedules, demands and priorities during the school year. This week, we’re talking last minute things to do before the season changes and we’re hit with a full fledged Fall and Winter season. We’re already getting a few nippy days, so it’s time to get in gear so we’re prepared.

Garage Sale – it looks like it’s just warm enough to have that last minute sale to clear out the old before packing it up for the winter. Choose a nice weekend and it is one last shot to rid yourself of old junk. Decide what you’ll get rid of and give it away or donate at the end of the sale. You’ll hopefully make a few bucks and have less to handle inside your home. When you’re finished, take this opportunity to switch out your fall/winter wardrobe. Launder your spring/summer clothes and put them away.

Frugal Tool Tip: Donate leftover garage sale items to a good cause and get a tax deduction slip to use against your taxes when you file next year.

Yardwork – the warm, sunny days are winding down, but it doesn’t mean we just let our lawns go by the wayside. It’s time to trim back those trees, so there will be less leaves and branches to be weighed down by snow. You don’t want the heavy branches to cause damage to your home or your neighbors’ homes. Also, get rid of your weeds, spray some weed killer and replace mulch if you need to. This will allow for you to keep down the weeds in the future and keep the ground covered and secured for the colder weather.

Frugal Yard Tip: Use a natural, cheap weed killer. Just heat up 1-2 bottles of vinegar (the 16 oz is good size), pour into a clean spray bottle and spray in areas where you want the weeds to be gone. Then lay the mulch to smother any that will try to come up.

Project Stockpile – it’s going to be cold soon, which means it’s time for heartier meals. Consider cooking in bulk and freezing for easy dinners for the entire week. The weather may begin to prolong rides home from a child’s practice, work or other extra curricular activities and you don’t want to waste money by stopping for fast food or take out every night. The better you prepare now, the easier it will be to ease into the weather change.

Frugal Stockpile Tip: The soup and hearty meal coupons are currently in rotation. Look for the sales to correspond with your coupons and start stockpiling food that will keep you warm in the winter and will limit your need to have to go out in inclement weather.

Get Your Tools – along with the seasons changing, your gear and tools change too. Now is the time to begin gathering and dusting off what you’ll need for the next several months. Get your rakes, shovels, rock salt, snowblowers, winterizer window treatment kits, storm windows (if you take them out) and tarps to cover cars, boats or in my case, patio screens. If you hire someone to take care of your winter lawncare, make sure you have their number on speed dial and they are ready to assist you when you call.

Frugal Tool Tip: Change your furnace filters. It’s a good idea to change them every three months (or even earlier if you have pets), so this is your reminder.

I hope these four tips will help make the transition to the next couple of seasons easier for you. We all have so many things to worry about, it’s always nice when we can be prepared. These tips are to keep down the stress in hopes you have a great Football season!! Shout out to our beloved Editor-In-Chief, Aja B. Stubbs, who LOVES her Jets!!

Until next time, stay Frugalicious!!

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