Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Frugal Files: Update Your Wardrobe the Frugalicious Way!!

Welcome back frugalicious ones!!

Hope it’s been a great week for you!! So, how’s the weather? Isn’t that how you might start off a new conversation? I know, a little old fashioned, but during this time, this question literally still applies to us. We’ve been having a very warm Fall and it seems that from day to day, we are not sure what to expect. So, let me ask you this? Have you changed out your seasonal wardrobes yet? I haven’t and I also haven’t taken our air conditioners out of the windows yet. We haven’t been using them, but it still just doesn’t feel like “it’s time”.

One thing it’s always time for though, is fashion. Frugal fashion and that’s what we’re chatting about today. I’m not going to point out sales or do any high end to low end scale matching, but I’m going to share some tips I’ve learned from one of my favorite (and local) stylists, honey like love, about how to stay stylish no matter what season it is.

These tips are easy to do, very affordable and will dazzle you up whether you are headed to your 9-to-5 or headed out to a Girl’s Night Out. The best thing about them is that you will have a great time shopping in your own closet and will rediscover your wardrobe for what it truly is…frugaliciously fabulous!!

Use Color!! Whether it’s a little or a lot, be sure to incorporate it into your wardrobe. I know many women have a closet full of black clothing, especially for the Fall and Winter, since history has shown many are encouraged to wear darker colors for these seasons. While that’s true, dark doesn’t always have to fall into the black/brown category. Discover colors like Tangerine, Golden tones, Grays and Chartreuse. Make your outfit stand out with a pop of color. Want more color selections with which to experiment?, Check out Pantone Fashion Color Report Fall 2012.

How do you use your color? Use it around your neckline to draw out the color of your eyes or make your lips pop. Add a little to your lapel, mix and match it on the top and bottom. Have a completely unexpected color in your high heels. All will tie in with your outfit and give you the confidence needed to strut your frugalicious stuff into your next meeting.

Mix & Match!! We hear this all the time right? It usually is referring to changing out your tops and bottoms (or similar sale items in a grocery store and coupon scenario). I concur here too, but will take it further. Not only can you where that top with pants, a skirt or a pair capris, you can also mix and match your seasonal pieces with your out-of-season pieces. Yes, that’s right. With the exception of flip flops, I propose that you can use pretty much any of your Spring and Summer pieces with your Fall and Winter wardrobe. You just have to know how to wear it.

Have a favorite boyfriend tee, sleeveless tank or romper pants suit? Add a blazer and keep it moving? What about your dress? Dress it up more with a cardigan. Next time you purchase a dress, be sure it’s at least a 3 season frock where you can wear in more than one season.

Use Accessories!! This is self-explanatory, but I promise you will NEVER get tired of this tip. Depending on your mood and event, the possibilities here are endless. You have your obvious accessories like jewelry, watches and hair adornments, but don’t forget about your belts, which when partnered with a jacket and pencil skirt, are fab-u-lous!! Also, eye shadow and lip color, leggings and patterns tights, brooches and handbags. Oh and scarves, one of my FAVORITE additions to apparel. Have you seen this video? 25 Ways to tie a scarf!! You will be dazzled and dazzle others with this creative fashionista’s tying tips.
So, how do you feel about walking into Winter now? Surely, you can with style right from your own bedroom!! Toodles and chat with you soon!!

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