Monday, September 5, 2011

Beautiful You Monday: All Eyez On...Domino Dollhouse

Greetings everyone & Happy Labor Day! So, with it being Labor Day, it means that Summer 2011 is unofficially over.While it makes me sad that Summer 2011 went by so fast, there is something very refreshing about Fall. The days are starting to get cooler, but it is still warm enough to dress in sexy layers-blouses, jackets, skirts, boots--oh my! Another great thing about Fall is Halloween, which while by calendar days is still a little less than 2 months away, it is never too early to get those costumes ready for all of the plus size Halloween parties coast to coast.

Today's All Eyez On... featured designer has you covered for both great Fall Fashion and some great dresses perfect for you to play with for your Halloween Costume. Meet Domino Dollhouse!

I received a press release in my inbox from a lovely woman named Tracy Broxterman with photos attached of the cutest dresses! Although you may not know it, I am a dress girl, so it immediately made me want to check out the website and find out more about this new plus size brand.

From the website:
"Plagued her entire life by drab clothing choices, owner Tracy Broxterman has always worked towards adding style and glamour in the plus size fashion world. She started in 2009 with her own personal style blog, Chubble Bubble, and continuing now with this unique online plus size shop, Domino Dollhouse! While the choices for sizes 14 and up are expanding, Domino Dollhouse strives to bring exciting, charming, and fun clothing and accessories to a market thirsty for more. While others give you water, we  give you fruit punch!"

Fruit punch indeed! Domino Dollhouse's most recent collection is the "Delectable Dresses Collection":
Wow-termelon Dress
Cupcake Cutie Dress
Berry Beautiful Dress

About the Delectable Dresses Collection:
"This mini collection was designed and produced by Domino Dollhouse. It is available exclusively through our web boutique. Using yummy treats as our muse, each dress evokes the playful spirit of food, something plus size women are often told not to do. Embracing the adorable, these dresses are not only perfect for everyday wear, but would make FABULOUS Halloween Costumes. The pieces are available in sizes 1X-4X and the retail prices range from $69.99-$79.99."

I can completely see using the Berry Beautiful Dress to be a sexy plus size Strawberry Shortcake (note: while this dress is currently sold out on the website, Ms. Broxterman expects a new shipment of them within the next 2-4 weeks, so stay tuned to their website for when it is back in stock!) And what lady who loves sweet treats couldn't picture themselves as a Cupcake Cutie?Add this adorable necklace from the Domino Dollhouse website, some tasty homemade cupcakes (or a dozen from your favorite bakery if you aren't the best baker) and voila! Someone could find herself into a pretty sweet situation!

Besides loving the entire Delectable Dresses collection, I also happened across this dress from a previous line that made me swoon. I'm always on the look out for a great LBD (Little Black Dress) and this one is quite sassy!

Tail Feather dress from the Make Out Circus Collection

Do you see the cute "tail feather" ruffle? Love it! And at $39.99, definitely a "buy now/ wear later" type of dress. Be sure to check out Domino Dollhouse online and on their Facebook page. Tell them Belle-Noir Mag sent you if you do!

What do you think of Domino Dollhouse? Do you see yourself wearing one of their dresses--for Halloween or otherwise?

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Unknown said...

I love Domino Dollhouse, they have some adorable stuff, especially those new dresses! I recently bought a few of their petticoats, which are so cute! :)

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