Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Frugal Files: Abundantly Thinking!!

Hey there folks!!

It's The Frugalicious Diva again and one of the things I really wanted to share with you today is about changing our mindsets. So the kids are off to school, starting a fresh new year, so the adults in their lives should do the same. Let me share one thing with you: we have all we need to be who we have been created to be and because of this, we can and are in position to receive all that the Universe has for us. However, we have to be willing to release all limiting beliefs about money, prosperity and abundance.

Many times we get caught up in “life”; the struggle and stress of work, home, family, health and of course money. We get so caught up in the hustle and bustle, we do not take the time appreciate or even truly see what we already have. More importantly, we don’t understand that our feelings about being stressed simply cause more stress.

Just like we make a conscious effort do our jobs well, we have to use that same drive to create or enhance our financial lives. This same principle applies to all parts of our lives, but the Frugalicious Diva, is just going to address healthy finances. It begins with your mindset about money.

One of my favorite financial gurus is Suze Orman and I remember watching one of her older videos, where I first heard the idea of having respect for my money. She mentioned if you take care of your money, then your money will take care of you. She even went so far as to mention the way you placed your money in your wallet was significant. If you line the bills up neatly and orderly in your wallet, then you were respecting your money. It's easier to find and use when needed. Likewise, if it is crumpled, tattered and thrown in your wallet, it meant your financial situation was typically not in order. How can you keep track of your money when it is in that state?

Also, how can we expect our money to grow if we do not plant the seed and water it? This means being accountable for all our financial matters. First, we should pay bills joyfully and pay them on time. Have an attitude of gratitude that you have the means to pay what you owe. Try this affirmation: “I pay my bills with love and happiness!”

Next, we should owe less. We can owe less if we spend less. Take control of our desires and recognize what we need vs. what we want. Needs first and if there is a surplus, then get what we want. We often do this backwards and justify it by saying we deserve a treat. Remember back to your childhood. Treats were only once in a while and because we did something to deserve it. If you're having a hard time, then try this affirmation: “I know that all my financial affairs are being blessed and I am prospering beyond my wildest dreams.”

Lastly, we want to see growth in our financial lives. This includes saving for the future and even investing your money so that you are securing yourself and your family in your later years. By sacrificing something we want now, we can save for something we want more later. By learning to discipline ourselves, we can stave off feelings of instant gratification. This will also encourage a change in mindset. Set your goals, get to work and say this aloud: “I give thanks for all my prosperity that is rapidly multiplying.”

Looking to grow your finances and create an abundantly life? Then let go of the poverty mentality and begin to give of yourself. Give your time, talents and yes even money. Whatever you want more of that is what you give. Sow into someone else’s dream as a seed for your own. Say this affirmation with me…”I am sharing my prosperity with others because I know that it is better to give than to receive.”

Trust and believe you are already creating a life for yourself with your thoughts, so shouldn’t they be positive thoughts of abundance instead of lack? Say these affirmations day and night and believe them when you say them. You will see the results and attract more abundance to you. Let me leave you with one more affirmation to use:
”I release any limiting beliefs about what I can have and what I can accomplish financially.”

Last thing, write an Abundance Check. Pay to your name and in the spaces where you would normally write the dollar amount, write “PAID IN FULL”. Sign the check “The Law of Abundance”. Don’t bother dating it because you do not want to limit when and what is in store for you. Place it in a safe place, forget about it and watch abundance come to you!!

Frugalicious Diva 

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