Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Frugal Files: Externally Beautiful...I'm Doing Me!!

Hey there Frugalicious ones!!

I hope you took advantage of great deals and coupons last week!! Your family will definitely thank you for all that you do now and later for them. So between using coupons, increasing your investments in your 401k and securing a financial advisor, you are setting them up for a great life. That is a true gift.

Now, this week, you'll be happy to know we're going back to thinking about you!! I know it's sometimes difficult for us to think about ourselves, especially when we have families, bills and jobs to think about. Women, particularly don't always take the time to do something nice for ourselves; we make ourselves last. Not this week!! We are bringing our sexy back and doing it FRUGALICIOUSLY!!

So, during this last full week of October, we're going to end the LIFE series with "E", which stands for External. Two weeks ago, we focused on the Internal, so it's to be expected that we work on the outside too.
Although we're calling it External, this week's theme is a tribute to living life DIY Style. DIY means Do It Yourself, which is how we can keep it frugal.

Challenge #1: Produce your own Beauty and Pampering salon. With all the information available on the internet, especially YouTube, we can learn and teach ourselves how to do everything. Makes a list of beauty regimens that you love and set out to do them yourself. Perform your own manicures or pedicures. If you have a significant other, make it a date with them to indulge in those treatments. Make your own body scrub. Don't know where to look, try these recipes: Homemade Body Scrubs You can find all the ingredients right at home.

Challenge #2: Attempt a new hair style. My DIY beauty project for this week is to trim my own hair. I love that my hair is natural because it affords me the opportunity to have so many options for my hair. I can style it countless ways and after finding numerous tutorials online, I find it easy to follow along and get a nice style. I challenge you to do it too. Join me in making my own Shea butter creme; this will keep the hair soft, moisturized and manageable. That's the biggest benefit for me because my hair tangles easily.

If you want to take on this challenge, follow my FAVORITE natural hair YouTuber's recipe here: Natural Homemade Shea Butter Cremes

So we're ending this great month of LIFE challenges by checking hair and pampering off our list; valuing our true Diva selves this week. What else can we achieve? I know!! Let's revisit frugal fitness!!

Challenge #3: Set out to spark your interest with a fresh outlook on physical activity. Try an unorthodox exercise; something that will make you feel pretty or sexy. Here are my ideas:
- Belly Dancing
- Pole Dancing
- Hula Hooping
- Yoga
- Salsa

I was recently given two exercise videos from Freecycle, and I'm trying them out this week: Yoga Booty Ballet. It looks like it's fun, easy to follow and will give great fitness results without me looking bulky. It struck me as a truly feminine workout, so I know it will make you feel like a woman. You can get yours free too. Pull out your library card and check them out!!

So, you have your instructions, so face the week and all it's challenges, then come home and put yourself first!! Here's an affirmation to remind you that you are beautiful and worthy of being first!! Enjoy!!

"Everyday, I practice feeling beautiful and I am a beautiful person inside and out."

Frugalicious Diva

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