Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Frugal Files: See Yourself, Saving Yourself

Hey frugal folks!!

Welcome back to The Frugal Files with your host, the Frugalicious Diva!! I thought about continuing on with another Substitute to Save post, but thought the three posted were good all their own. Furthermore, I thought it would be good to just be a bit transparent with everyone. Today’s blog is really a chastisement for myself, but if anything I speak about applies to you, consider yourself whipped too.

It’s just been a whirlwind in my life for the last few months and it’s been an emotional roller coaster. So many things in my life are in transition and as we get ready to change seasons, it’s good to talk about these things from time to time. Some days are up, some are down and some things have been down right depressing…financially, physically, emotionally, romantically…

You all know I’m very much into affirmation and speaking positively about our lives. Sometimes it gets hard out here. Don’t you agree? Moping and crying, although MAY feel therapeutic then, will not help the situation get any better. Trust me…

Anyway, I’ve done a little studying on Feng Shui and have even arranged some of my home areas around for maximum “chi”. Unfortunately, life gets in the way and when you don’t take the time to pray and meditate and all the other positive things you need to in order to keep sane, the stress catches up to you. When it does, it can manifest in many different ways.

For me, the manifestation came in the form of my lawn and yard areas. I took a shortcut last year, which proved to not be frugalicious at all!! I allowed an ex-boyfriend to tend to it, under the guise that he knew what he was doing. Not!! Where I previously just had a few weeds here and there, became a forest for Barbie and Ken. Ridiculous. So, I started pulling weeds monthly, enlisting my daughter only sometimes (she was not with it).

After months of doing this, and the rain made it 10 times worse, I was irritated every time I drove up and every time I left my home. I felt anxious, helpless, angry and like the weeds, out of control. I was started to realize, it was mirroring my own life. After begging people to help me, even calling the culprit out to “clean up what he messed up”, having him come for the “consultation”, but not show up for the actual job, finally, I decided I’ve had enough!!

I am not helpless and I will no longer live this way. I DECIDED that THIS week, I would get myself together; ALL the way together. I don’t know where I fell off, but I’m getting back on immediately. It’s what our affirmations are all about; speaking life into your situation, your circumstances and your life!! I challenge you to find out what your surroundings are saying about you and act on it today!! I don’t know where you need to start, but I needed to start in my yard and I did.

I went to a cousin, who previously mentioned how great her lawn guy is. I told her to give him my number because I had work for him THIS WEEK. He called and he took the tour of my domestic jungle and we made a deal. He came back the same day to tackle the front lawn. I am so grateful and pleased. I will sleep better knowing I’ve accomplished something. I haven’t completed all the assignments to get my life back on track, but at least, I’m back on the road and in the right lane. I hope this inspires you to do the same. We know better and we can do better!! We can live our best lives!!

So here’s an affirmation for the road:

“Spirited resolve moves me toward my own goals 
with confidence and determination."

Until next time,

Frugalicious Diva
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