Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Summer Love, Summer Fun: Romance Without Finance is Possible!!

Summer loving is always a wonderful thing. Whether you met this love just over the summer or you are spending your first or fiftieth summer together, you hope to be having a sizzling love affair this season.

Most times this love is grand and sometimes…this love is abruptly interrupted by the glooming lack of funds. Well, the logical solution is to stay home or close to home. Introduce yourself and your lover to the idea and world of STAYCATIONS!!! It’s a vacation you can take at or close to home, especially this close to the school year.

Get wet!! Use your imagination on this one. Use your water hose or sprinkler system. If that is not your style, then head to the nearest water park or beach. Often both have a very minimal cost and for that small token, it promises big fun!! Water slides, water sports, building sandcastles or just running in the sand are all great ways to enjoy wet fun in the sun. It’s also a way to get great exercise without feeling like you are “working out”.

Water is great for the daytime, but at night, take in a free show!! Check out what your local library is doing this month. Are they showing old films? Plan to see a couple of those. If not, check out your local theater scene. Community Theater is a great outlet for those interested in drama or stage music. It’s not Broadway, but a highly recommended alternative. Also, if you have a college campus nearby, there is often something playing on campus. It’s a great way to show yourselves a good time, save a pretty penny and support local artists’ dreams.

Same thing applies to festivals and outside concerts. For a small donation, you can walk around and take pleasure in cultural music, dancing and food. Now, festivals can sometimes get a little pricey, but if you stick to sampling, it can be an affordably amusing time for both of you. Here’s a tip: bring your own water.
Now, if you want or need to stay home, then have a kitchen date!! This is my favorite type of date thus far. It usually starts in the late afternoon. You and your honey will plan a meal, then take a short trip to store and pick up a few items to make the day (and night) special. Get some fruit, entrĂ©e or side items and just this one time…splurge on some chocolate and a bottle of wine. Then take it back to your date domicile and begin to prepare the meal…together.

Have fun laughing and telling stories while chopping veggies and smearing mousse. Take a short break to pour each other a glass of Pinot, or your favorite wine. Look into each other’s eyes and share a piece of chocolate between kisses. Then each of you, go your separate ways to get ready for your date. When both of you are both ready, one of you can serve the dinner while the other brings out the dessert. Watch a movie or just listen to a great new CD.  Then, enjoy your nightcap…

Another simple and easy at date idea is to create a romantic spa at home. You probably already have your favorite lotions and potions, so why not use them on each other. Get out your foot spa and start creating some bubbles. If you don’t have one, you can pick one up for less than $20, but if that’s not in your budget, then head to the dollar store. They have those dishwasher buckets you can use to soak your feet. They work just fine.

Those “man laws” will have us believe that men don’t do bubbles and things, but I promise you…men like to be pampered too. Give him a facial and watch. When you remove that hot steamy towel from his face, he will say “ahhhh”. Then pumice his feet, clip his toenails and let him soak in a bathtub with a few drops of lavender. He will thank you by massaging your body with your favorite oil and polishing your tootsies. This is the perfect way to be romantic, intimate and have fun for $0. With this plan, NO ONE will be complaining about staying inside.

Wishing you all the frugal love you can handle!!

Frugalicious Diva

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Ms Holloway said...

Facials I can do.
Massages I can do.
Clipping his toenails....?

I would do anything for love, but I won't do that. ;)